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Apr 3, 2011 07:32 PM

Food delivery service?

I've asked this question before, but it was a couple of years ago and I'm hoping there's some updated information. My mother lives in Sarasota, Florida and has been ill. I'm in California, and not able to travel there often. I try to send her food when I can, because I know she isn't eating well.
I've had trouble finding delivery services that are tasty healthy. I know about Meals on Wheels, but would prefer something that arrives frozen or fresh that she can microwave. She's not really a gourmet eater, but she doesn't seem to like the food from most of the places I've tried.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Its hard being across the country. But I by my aunt frozen dinners that she heats up. I don't know of any service who gives frozen meals because they usually want people to eat them the same day. There are alot of inexpenseive frozen meals. I usually spend $25-$35 a week for breakfast and dinner food. Maybe a grocery store delivers and you can order online.

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      I think the services I've tried probably do deliver them fresh, and then she freezes the extra
      meals to eat later. But I will check her local grocery store, and see if I can do online delivery.

    2. Have you considered looking into a personal chef in her area who could come by and make a bunch of meals to her liking and leave them frozen for her? Sounds like it would be fresher and perhaps your Mother being able to give feedback about her likes and dislikes would be a benefit, as well as the company while they do the cooking.

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        I do have a call in to one chef, but it's more of a caterer. This would be such a small job. But I will do a little more research...maybe there's a cooking school in the area. I agree it's a better option; she could be a little more specific about what she wants. My mother tends towards the negative. So I get a lot of "I didn't like any of that." And not a lot of answers to what she actually would like.

      2. What about Schwan's? I'm not sure how healthy the food is and it isn't exactly gourmet, but from what I've heard, there items are pretty tasty and they have a good variety. Best of all, they deliver and you can order on-line or by phone. I checked locations and they do deliver in Sarasota. I should add the caveat that I have never tried any of their items but have heard many rave reviews.

        Good luck in finding something to help her eat and to ease your mind. I have elderly parents who have lived with us the past 5 years. My dad just went into a nursing home this week and one of my biggest worries is the meals and if he will eat well. Thankfully, they are totally fine with us bringing in food so he had beef stroganoff and apple cake for dinner tonight.

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          Thanks. I'll check it out. I just figure if I send something that's tasy, she'll eat that instead of peanut butter crackers. I know she avoids most fresh fruit and vegetables. Sounds like your dad is eating well!

        2. When I ran a Meals on Wheels program, we used Food with Care for clients with special dietary needs, or who lived outside our delivery area. They do arrive frozen, and have a decent number of options the customer can choose:

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          1. try looking into Angelfood Ministries. they are usually through a local church, minimal cost, and they do have prepared meals for seniors and shut-ins, i believe. although they usually expect the food to be picked up, perhaps since it is a ministry through a local church, they can arrange to have it delivered for you. Google it, they will lead you to the closest church that is involved. it's nationwide.

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