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Apr 3, 2011 06:47 PM

Find New Bakery featured on NonStopNY Channel

I can't find this on google anywhere. Was wondering if anyone has seen a small segment on Ch. 4, NonStopNY, during the Winter. The young woman (can't remember find her name either- brunette/ visits many restaurants in the city, seems very knowledgeable and able cook well), visits a new French Bakery in Downtown Manhattan. I believe it's a bakery originally from abroad or another well-known restaurant.

The bakery just recently opened, She sits with the owner and tears apart and tastes a good 6 or 7 pastries. They looked delicious! At the end of the segment they of course, have to try the macaroons.

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  1. it might be francois payard. what do you think of their goods? ;-)