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Apr 3, 2011 05:31 PM

Help! Looking for "Ranch Style" steakhouse anywhere from Oxnard to Modesto for Birthday...

I am dying to celebrate my birthday at a steakhouse with outdoor seating in a rural setting. A place where cold beer is more popular than cabernet sauvignon. Anything with a view of the countryside would be perfect. I am traveling from LA to Fresno and can/will detour from the 5 to hwy 99 or the 101. Just really looking for a good rustic steak outdoors with a rural view.

(HITCHING POST is my standby but it has no outdoor seating and I am trying to find something new :)

Please help chowhounders!


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  1. Never been, but have heard of Jocko's, off 101. People say it is really good.

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      I appreciate the suggestion paprkutr, but I have had lunch at Jocko's and it's a great place but with no outdoor seating or view.

    2. Hopefully, someone will comment on The Parkfield Cafe at V6 Ranch. I've been wanting to try it but still haven't made it happen.

      1. You can try some of the wineries in the Los Olivos area and see if they cater. Been to the Gainey Winery and attended a private function a couple of times. They may be something you can look into? They have outdoor BBQs and public wine tours.
        Yes, Jocko's is good but no outside seating. Most of the steakhouses have only inside dining in that area.

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        1. The Loading Chute in Creston should fit the bill. This is about as rustic and unpretentious as you can get. The steaks are great & there is a nice outdoor patio & lawn area. There isn't much of a view from the patio, but it is right on Webster road in Creston & is surrounded by spectacular ranch and winery roads all around for a great drive before or after.

          The Loading Chute, 6350 Webster Rd, Creston, CA (805) 237-1259

          Loading Chute
          6350 Webster Rd, Creston, CA 93432

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          1. re: PattyOh

            Tough call between Parkfield and Loading Chute..... I really appreciate the suggestions and will report back once I have finished the trip next week.

            Thanks again hounders.


            Loading Chute
            115 N Valencia Blvd, Woodlake, CA 93286

            1. re: JKCDN

              I ended up booking a night at the V6Ranch and had dinner at the Grill. The drive out to the ranch and the surrounding foothills provided the perfect rural atmosphere. Our room was designed (and partially built) with antique tools. The staff were very friendly and we had a great time. I would not in a million years found this place without the help of this board. We did enjoy a few beers and a game of pool in the restaurant however, the restaurant was recently sold back the owners of the ranch and the food cannot be recommended. Overall a great birthday in a beautiful setting, if the restaurant can find it's feet, it will become a great destination.


              1. re: JKCDN

                Didn't even know this existed and we drive by the Parkfield turnoff all the time. Thanks for your report and I have added this to our must do local back country road trip

                1. re: glbtrtr

                  Heading up to V6 for a birthday surprise trip and will have an updated report soon. Thanks for Chowhounders for heading my this way.