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Apr 3, 2011 05:24 PM

Best picnic spot in Berkeley?

Anyone have any great spots they'd be willing to share?

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  1. The Blake Garden, in Kensington,just up the Arlington from Berkeley, has a bay view and lovely flower beds -- especially this time of year. There are a few picnic tables and a big lawn. Only open on weekdays, though.

    1. The Berkeley Rose Garden. Pick up cheese, and bread from the Cheese Board, and a fine wine from Andronico's both on Shattuck Ave., a few short blocks from the garden.

      1. Define "best" and "Berkeley"! For my picnic planning, weather is usually the deciding factor: what can be a great picnic site under some weather conditions can be an uncomfortable one in others (and vice versa). In addition, how many people? Do you need tables, or just a place to sit down? Running water? Bathrooms? Easy access? Privacy or good people watching? etc.

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          What she said. One favorite is at Cesar Chavez park by the berkeley marina. There's a selection of options, but it works when you've got two people and you can simply perch on one of the benches with a great view of the bay - or sit on top of the hill, which gives you the view and the kites but more dogs & kids. Gets *aweful* cold and seriously windy, though.

          1. re: Ruth Lafler

            Exactly...and are there kids to entertain?

            Any way, people have mentioned most of the obvious places except for Tilden...which is HUGE and has many options. Lake Anza is nice.

            Might check out East Bay Regional Parks:

          2. I like Dorothy Bolte Park but I'm a sucker for concrete slides. Bring a piece of cardboard.

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            1. re: wolfe

              Ho Chi Minh Park

              AKA as Willard Park.

              2730 Hillegrass Avenue at Derby St.

              Not as crazy as Peoples Park...but can still be Berzerkeley crazy!

              Andronico's a half block away too.

              1. re: wolfe

                Codernices Park, accessible from the Berkeley Rose Garden via a tunnel under Euclid Ave., also has a long concrete slide and some very nice picnic areas under trees. The creek is nice and there are paths for walks through the woods. Also a playground and ball fields. Most kids (myself included) seem to think walking through the tunnel between the two is kinda cool.

                1. re: charliemyboy

                  I love Codornices Park, and the fact that it's shady and the Rose Garden is sunny gives you some temperature flexibility.

                  Here's a map of Berkeley Parks:

                  I have to say, too, that on a quiet weekend that parts of the Cal campus can be nice for picnicking (along the south fork of Strawberry Creek).