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Apr 3, 2011 05:04 PM

Anyone know anything about the Terrace on Peachtree at the Ellis Hotel

I have to host a business dinner in Atlanta this week and am staying at the Ellis Hotel. The menu at the Terrace looks good, but I have had bad meals from good menus before. Anyone eaten there?

Peachtree Cafe
99 Jeff Davis Rd, Thomaston, GA 30286

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  1. I work nearby and can only vouch for the cocktails, which were good but pricy. I also had a good organic beer there a few weeks ago, but forgot the name. Overall, the space feels more like a cocktail hour spot than a restaurant. I would probably take your diners across the street to the Ritz or up Peachtree a block to Ray's In the City. However if anyone else has actually eaten there, I'd like to hear the review too!

      1. Okay you got me curious so I went for lunch today. They pitch the farm-to-table aspect pretty hard, but I was pleased to see you could get half orders of the salads. My friend & I both had salads and we agreed that while the greens were bright and tasty, the dressings were bland and flavorless and the fruit/bacon/other toppings did not elevate the whole dish enough. So I'd give it a mediocre on the food; while it was a beautiful day to sit on the terrace over the street, I would maybe go back to try a sandwich next time.

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        1. I had dinner at the bar at the Terrace last week, after reading a good review on Creative Loafing Atlanta. It was 'wine hour' when guests at the hotel get a free glass of wine, and several wines are on sale for $7 a glass for others. I had a nice glass of pinot noir, and the crusted tofu entree that came with shredded carrots, snap peas, and a rice/quinoa mix. The entree was very good, light and flavorful. I also got a free half glass of their new basil gin martini which was very refreshing. Apparently they have a new chef as of about 3 months ago, and have really focused on local produce. The staff were very nice and interesting. I would definitely recommend this place, although I agree it has more of a lounge feel than a restaurant. It's not nearly as stuffy/fancy as the website appears. Thank you.

          1. I did eat at the Terrace during my trip to Atlanta and have nothing but praise. Small, intimate, and creative and healthy cuisine. The kale salad was wonderful as were staples like shrimp and grits.