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Apr 3, 2011 04:23 PM

SJ Eats: What did you think?

I tried to go twice, but I was alone so waiting in line for an hour didn't really appeal to me. Plus I heard some pretty unkind things about the space.. looks like it could have used more planning and way more room. Apparently tons of people just came and left because it was so crowded.
Did anyone go? Do you think it'll get better if they start doing it on a regular basis and in a better location, or was it a total failure?

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  1. I had the same experience; two tries and I left without bothering to wait in the lines. It was so crowded it was hard to figure out where the lines even were. It was a bonanza for the neighborhood restaurants that got all the overflow, though. Must have been their best day ever.

    1. Complete waste of time and infuriating! Gave up after 30 min. Of all the empty lots to use in downtown San Jose, they pick the smallest one with fencing all around, and then put a seating area in the middle. Ridiculous! But Maigre was right about the neighborhood places. The Empanades place had a sign, OUT OF FOOD! This was a total failure in my book.

      1. We left after about 15 min. I hope there will be a next time in a much larger space.

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            Thanks for the post which I did not see. It does show how hungry(pun intented) San Jose is for a food scene. 10,000 for a poorly advertised event.

          2. Just got back from there. I missed last time (And seeing how things went down, I should probably be glad about that) but tonight I did not encounter any problems.

            The shining star, in my opinion was Little Green Cyclo. I had their weekly special, Grilled Quail Organic Spring Mix Salad with Pine Nuts & Freshly Made Tropical Fruit Vinaigrette. ($8). The quail was split in two & marinated to perfection in what I thought was a five-spice sauce - I could taste it in every bite. It came served on a generous bed of mixed greens. I also had their Sweet Potato Fries ($3) which were outstanding. Mint and cilantro taste in every bite, crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside with a bright sweet-potato taste. The tamarind-plum sauce was a bit creamier than expected, but still good.

            Bulkalbi (Korean tacos) = disappointing. @ $2.75 they're .75 more expensive than the going rate at other places, but were not better. I got the spicy chicken taco...and what I got was a clump of unevenly lukewarm rubbery chicken on a generic white corn single shell. To be fair, the taste wasn't bad. It probably would have tasted even better if it was at the proper temperature. The nice part was they had one of the most full-service condiment bars I've seen, with napa kimchi, fresh cucumber, and about half a dozen sauces. I tried the creamy wasabi (good) & spicy mango (less good) sauces.

            The short rib tacos from Mogo were better. At $2 they were about the same size but served on a double tortilla and packed a punch...sizzling tasty short rib below cold Asian slaw & plenty of white sesame seeds on top.

            Little Green Cyclo
            San Francisco, San Francisco, CA

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              I was there on Saturday evening and had a fine time Much better organized and better flow than the first time. I agree the Mogo short rib burritos were great and I got my tacos' with spicy pork and they were fab! I also got one of the last apple bacon grilled cheese sandwiches which was good but a bit too much cheese for me. Also got a bread pudding from a truck doing New Orleans food and that was stellar. Overall a nice addition to the san jose food scene.

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                The owner of LGC is actually my cousin, and I co-designed the truck. I'm sure she will be happy to hear the that you liked the food. Thanks for giving it a shot!