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Apr 3, 2011 03:48 PM

Are all Non-Chain Restaurants in Orlando Closed on Sundays?

We were in South Orlando looking for place to eat an early dinner. Thought food trucks, nope almost all of them don't run on Sundays. We looked up a bunch of others we had thought about and none of them are open on Sunday.

Yes, I understand people got to have time off, but can't someone take Monday off instead. lol.

What places are open on Sunday that server lunch and dinner on sundays that is not a chain.

We settled for BJ's brewhouse even though we wanted a non chain place.

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  1. Not in Orlando - but a sole proprietorship - I just called Pannullo's in Winter Park (from NH) & they are open for lunch 12 - 4 & will be open tonight 'till 10PM (unless it's slow & they'll close a bit earlier per the host Jordan that I just spoke to). Plus, it's right near The Wine Room, which my hubby loves. Too bad I'm so far away now - I could use a trip down there now, especially after having to dig out the snow 3 days ago! Here's a link to their website:

    1. Just had dinner at Memories of India, so they're open. Most places in the tourist areas are open (Sand Lake and I-Drive districts) Downtown and Winter Park are almost all closed though - very frustrating but if they had business they'd be open right?

      Memories of India
      7625 Turkey Lake Rd, Orlando, FL 32819

      1. Use open table to check what is open on Sunday's

        1. I drove past the Korean BBQ Taco Box truck this evening, and was pleased to see they remain open on Sundays. :)

          1. Cedars for sure is open on Sunday. I ate there about a month ago on a Sunday at around three, after finding Cariera's didn't open until five ish.