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Apr 3, 2011 03:31 PM

BYOB in Seattle

Floridian visiting Seattle for first time. Any places that allow you to bring your own wine? What is the usual corkage? I will be staying in the Capital Hill area. Also seeking any hidden gems. Love all cuisines especially Asian. We get lots of Cuban and South American food at home. Any help appreciated.

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  1. Most restaurants with a full-fledged wine list allow you to bring your own bottle for a $15-$20 corkage fee. However, there's no BYOB license like you might find in other states. When people bring their own wine to restaurants, it's usually because the bottle has a special significance.

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      And I believe that most places will be unhappy if you are bringing in bottles they have on their own wine list. May be worthy of checking ahead to prevent this situation if you are bringing a more popular, readily available bottle.

    2. My recent experience is that if a restaurant doesn't have a liquor license they won't allow you to bring in alcohol.

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        Correct Ardelle, if the resto does not have a liquor liscense, you can't drink yours since they can't serve their own!
        WA has very strict liquor controls, but - you can bring a bottle to many resto's but I don't believe it is a state-regulated issue (other than they must have a liquor license), but an individual establishments decision if they allow a diner to bring their own.
        Most enlightened establishments would allow, as they get you may have a cellar, saved a bottle for a special occasion, etc. Agree; call to ask specific resto what their particular take on it is. They will note that you are bringing a bottle if agreed on, and I would hope that any place worth it's snuff, would have the server prepped for your personal bottle etc.
        If you are on capitol hill then, try dining at Spinasse, Lark, Quinn's. I am sure they will all allow your personal bottle. Each is very different in style; in order; best Italian/pasta in SEA, imaginative plates in a french tradition, and a very American/New Cuisine noisy hip bistro with looks back to old-school marrow bones and foie gras.
        Happy dining, and please do a trip report for us as to what you experienced in SEA!

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          I am:
          I plan on continuing to report on what I find and like; me and my faithful sidekick/photographer. I don't know when this will end. We are in an extended stay mode because of an ill relative.
          Pic from the deck of Ray's Boathouse.