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Apr 3, 2011 03:28 PM

ideas please

We are traveling to Texas next week - landing in San Antonio, staying in hill country (Boerne) and intend to make our way to Austin over the 6 days we'll be there. I need suggestions for fabulous food - especially breakfast and dinner from San Antonio to Austin. We are not into fancy food or tourist traps - just good local food - diners, dives, you get the idea. Thanks for any suggestions!!

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  1. Mendez Cafe in San Antonio is an outstanding Mexican food restaurant. A little mom and pop place, it is open for breakfast and lunch and has amazing food, especially their flour tortillas and refried beans.

    1. the tap room in san marcos has good burgers and tons of beers

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        Best burger in San Marcos.

        If you are in the mood for a burger in San Antonio, you must hit The Lord's Kitchen. There's the more famous Chris Madrid's also which is really good, but TLK may be the best burger in the state.

      2. I like El Mirador in San Antonio for their Saturday morning soups and Sunday brunch. The King William neighborhood is beautiful. You will be in SA in time for Fiesta too!

        1. San Antonio:

          Tip Top in SA was featured on Diners, Driveins and Dives. They open at 11. Pick out the pie you want when you order. The Lemon Meringue is fantastic!

          Jacala is my favorite Mexican. Get the #66 Nacho's with tomato sauce. They also make excellent Puffy Tacos and Enchiladas.

          I also like Mi Tierra, though its a bit more on the touristy side. The food and service is solid. Open 24 hours.

          Luke on the Riverwalk is excellent.

          Il Sogna in the Pearl Brewery complex is one of my favorites. Excellent food and service.

          Hill Country:

          Cool Mint Cafe in San Marcos is decent.

          Uptown Cafe in Blanco is nice and food is ok (not great). Red Bud Cafe is also worth a stop if you want to get in and out quicker/ casual.

          Driftwood: Salt Lick is a good choice. If you go Sunday get the baby back ribs. They are excellent. Trattoria Lisina is Driftwood is also very good. All of the food Ive had has been well prepared. Service can occasionally be a bit off.

          Cool Mint Cafe
          415 Burleson St, San Marcos, TX 78666

          Trattoria Lisina
          13308 FM 150 West, Driftwood, TX 78619

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            have you been to cool mint cafe lately? the last 2 visits have been very disappointing. root cellar cafe has been worse (how do you not know how to poach an egg?!) lead me to believe tap room is the only chow worthy place in san marcos currently

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              I haven't been lately. Thanks for letting me know.

          2. For San Antonio- La Gloria is a FANTASTIC restaurant, part of the new Pearl Brewery development. Seriously, this place is super, super good - I can't say enough good things about it. The menu's based on Mexican street food– tacos, tortas, several kinds of ceviche. I'd recommend the potosinos and the puerco en chiles molcajete. Everything else I've had there has been great to boot.

            Also, if your'e in SA after 5PM, maybe go get a drink at Hotel Havana. They have a really cool bar (expanding into a restaurant and bigger bar soon) with great mojitos.