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Apr 3, 2011 02:27 PM

é vs. Bazaar's Saam

I'm a NYCer planning on visiting LA and Vegas in the summer on the same west coast trip. Has anyone been to both restaurants and can comment on comparing the food/experiences? I may possibly try to get reservations to both.


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  1. I thought food at e tasted better, and a big difference was the intimacy of the meal. Saam is a 34 person dining room where the food is brought out from the kitchen. e is a 8 person counter where you see the food being prepared, which invites a lot of dialogue about the food.

    If you're a big molecular/Andres fan, you might as well go to both. If you have to pick one, I'd definitely go with e.

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      Yea, I'm more interested in going to é. I've been to Vegas a few times so I've already tried out some of their other great restaurants. Never been to LA so maybe I skip it and try something else if I get into é. I've never been to a true molecular or Andres restaurant, but hitting up Alinea in a couple of weeks so we'll see. Ha.