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Apr 3, 2011 01:48 PM

Coming to Detroit for USA Hockey Nationals

Greetings from New Jersey. My daughter Hockey team is going to be in Rochester all week starting Tuesday night. can anyone provide me some recommendations for some places to eat?
Fine Dining
Local places have to go to.

Any help would be great.
We have lots of free time, only 1 game a day

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  1. A fun stop might be Papa Joe's -- extensive take-out that you can eat on the mezzanine that also has a wine bar (you can sip and shop, too.) Maybe not a meal but a snack/tasting. Kruse & Muer on Adams is good casual food. Would you be willing to drive 25 minutes or so for chow?

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    1. re: berkleybabe

      will drive anywhere worth it. we have a lot of free time adn we like to eat good.

    2. If we assume 1) you will have a car and 2) you will be going back and forth between the 2 hosting arenas (Onyx in Rochester and Suburban Ice in Macomb) here are my ideas:

      Local specialties:

      Coney Islands (think Greek diners with chili dogs):
      a couple local chains are National Coney Island (23 Mile/Schoenherr) or Leo's (25 Mile/Van Dyke). There's also Lipuma's (Main st in downtown Rochester), a tiny place with mock-rude countermen, or George's Coney Island (Tienken/Rochester Rd).

      Detroit-style pizza (square crispy thick-crust with the cheese usually underneath the sauce): local chains Shields (Tienken & Rochester Rd or 23 Mile/Romeo Plank) or Buddy's (Squirrel Rd & Walton, Auburn Hills) or a takeout-only Cottage Inn (25 Mile/Dequindre)

      Middle Eastern: the Detroit area abounds in good Middle Eastern restaurants. Unfortunately, none of them are very close to where you'll be. There's Mezza, which got a really horrible review here not long ago There's also a fairly new place in downtown Rochester, Shehrzad Grill, but I haven't been yet. La Saj in Sterling Heights (near Lakeside Mall, Schoenherr/M-59) has gotten good reviews on this board. I also like Lebanese Grill in Shelby Township (M-59 W of Hayes, in front of Costco).

      A few breakfast/lunch spots I like:
      Downtown Cafe ( Main St Rochester)
      Half Day Cafe (Walton/Adams Rochester Hills)
      Krazy Greek (E University/Main St Rochester)

      Red Knapp's Dairy Bar on Main St Rochester, a tiny throwback of a place with giant burgers people seem to love or hate, and really great milk shakes.
      Fresco Wood Oven Pizza (Walton E of Livernois Rochester Hills) for good non-Detroit-style pizza.
      A bit higher-end: Kruse and Muer (Main St Rochester and in the mall at Walton/Adams Rochester Hills)
      Penny Black, a new mostly-bbq place in the old Rochester Post office: recent review here:

      I tend to dine out on the lower end of the budget spectrum so don't have many higher-end recs.

      Navigation tip: The main east-west roads have mile designations in Macomb county, but these change to named roads in Oakland county, so: 25 Mile = Tienken; 24 Mile = Parkdale, which jogs to become University, which then becomes Walton; 23 Mile = Avon; 22 Mile - Hamlin; 21 Mile = Auburn. The exception is Hall Rd, which is really 20 Mile, except it's not called that, but is called M-59.

      Hope this helps; have a great trip!

      Krazy Greek Restaurant
      111 E University Dr, Rochester, MI 48307

      Lebanese Grill
      45278 Market St, Shelby Township, MI 48315

      Knapp's Dairy Bar
      304 S Main St, Rochester, MI 48307

      La Saj
      13776 Southcove Dr, Sterling Heights, MI 48313

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      1. re: gooddog

        Wow! I guess I have a lot of homework now. Thanks for the ideas. Yes we have a car and have no problem driving. We are going to Ann Arbor Thursday night for Womens game , USA v Canada.

      2. For italian fine dining; Lelli's is nearby:

        For super-thin crust pizza; I *love* Crust:

        For a breakfast treat; have an almond croissant at Give Thanks Bakery. Hint; the store
        faces the alley just west of Main St (you won't find their storefront on Main St):

        For a lodge/restaurant/bar, the Moose Preserve is reliable and easy to get to:

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        1. re: rainsux

          If you like the Moose Preserve menu, Camp Ticonderoga in Troy is owned by the same people and might be a bit easier to get to

          Also, +1 for Lipuma's coneys. They only take cash so be prepared
          And +1 for anything from Give Thanks, and it is a bit tough to find

          Awesome pizza at Alibi on Rochester Road, just south of M59

          A while ago someone was looking for kid friend places for a soccer tournament and ended up happy at Alibi. Their antipasto salad is good too, although the dressing has a bit of sweetness in it (which I like


          Camp Ticonderoga
          5725 Rochester Rd, Troy, MI 48085

        2. welcome to the d - or at least the northern burbs.

          good suggestions so far - alibi, crust, kruse & muer, lelli's.

          here is a few more suggestions:

          the hills - sports bar w/ decent food. north of downtown rochester

          rochester mills - brew pub that can accommodate a large crowd. right in downtown rochester.

          rochester chophouse - upscale steakhouse. downtown rochester

          gus o'connors - irish pub with good beer selection. downtown rochester.

          tell us where you are staying and what type of food you are looking for and we can zero in a bit.

          best of luck in the tournament. i have friends that have a daughter that plays for compuware (your friday game), should be fun.