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Apr 3, 2011 01:27 PM

Fried Ipswich clams @ Bite of Boston

If you're a fan of fried clams, then check out the new Bite of Boston shop in the Henry's shopping center at the NE corner of Regents and Governor in University City. I was tipped off to this place in another thread, and decided to check it out today.

These are by far the BEST fried clams I've had since a long-ago visit to the New Hampshire shore, 25 years ago. The owner picks up the fresh Ipswich clams at the airport Saturday morning and sells them on Saturday and Sunday only. After I placed my order, they dredged the clams in a flour/spice mixture as I watched, then quickly fried them. The clams -- bellies and all -- were cooked perfectly, and tasted like nothing I've ever had outside of New England. Wonderful. The only thing missing for me was some lemon to drizzle over the top of the clams. I asked and they didn't have any. I'll pick one up at Henry's before I go next time.

The place is really mostly a sub shop, but they also sell lobster rolls (I'll check that out one of these times) and New England clam chowder (and big jars of Fluff!).

I'm in the area every Sunday, and despite the fact that I am usually anti-fried food, this is now going into my permanent rotation.

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  1. Thanks for the tip. Will definitely drive up there this coming weekend.

    1. Oh my gosh, I'm so excited to try this place! As a transplant from the east coast, I crave lobster rolls and good fried clams, especially as the summer approaches. I haven't been able to find anyplace around here that does a decent lobster roll (yes, I've checked Studio Diner, Flavor Del Mar, and Red Tracton's...any others out there?) Thanks for the tip.

      Studio Diner
      4705 Ruffin Rd, San Diego, CA 92123

      1. I had the lobster rolls yesterday, surprisingly good, and decent size for 12 dollars. I didn't detect any tail meat, mostly knuckle and claw, but a good lobster roll nevertheless. It's not as good as the clam box in ipswich, ma, but then again, I didn't have to wait 90 minutes for it either. The clam chowder was good, nothing really special though. Overall though, a nice addition to the normally boring University city food scene. The staff was also very friendly which gets a few points in my book.

        I'll have to try the clams next time.

        1. We go to that Henry's every weekend too. Tried the clams today, and agree with you on all points. I'll add that I quite enjoyed their coleslaw as well.

          I wish they'd serve their fish and chips on the weekend as well - will have to make a special trip on a Friday night to try them out at some point.

          1. After this was mentioned on the New Places Opening topic, I saw they had another location open (I think for a couple of years) in Rancho Bernardo, also in a Henry's shopping center. Pomerado, just north of the hospital.

            I stopped in at the RB shop on Sunday. I wasn’t impressed with the lobster roll honestly. It just didn’t taste like anything. But I'm not from the east coast so what do I know. But it was as described above - big chucks of claw meat. Also had a hot pastrami sub which I liked. I’ll go back sometime for the fish and chips or the clams and they have a couple of other sandwiches that I want to try.