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Apr 3, 2011 12:59 PM

[Co. Kerry, Ireland] Recommendations?

We will be spending a week in County Kerry, Ireland in mid-April, traveling around the Dingle and Iveragh Peninsulas. Any recommendations for stellar or simply memorable restaurants/pubs/cafes?

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  1. Mind you it's been a few years...but for dining...Chart House (a bit more upscale) and Ashe's in Dingle were both lovely.

    The Small Bridge Pub In Dingle was absolutely our favorite from Dublin all the way round to Donegal.

    1. I'll be traveling through that area later this month. If you run across any "don't miss" places, I'd love it if you would post about them. Thanks!

      1. The Muckross Hotel outside Killarney used to have some very good meals, but I'm not up to date with that one. It's probably worth Googling them to see the menu if it's online.

        The Avoco Weavers restaurant at Mull's Gap in the Ring of Kerry is well worth a stop for lunch.

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          Thanks. I've read about Avoco Weavers and I've already got it on my "must visit" list.

        2. I would definitely try to go to "Out of the Blue" in Dingle.

          It's been several years since we ate there, but it was so good we ate there three times in the 10 days we stayed on the Dingle Peninsula. The reviews on other websites indicate that it is still going strong.

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            My wife and I ate at Out of the Blue last night, with variable results. I had the roast cod, my first experience with such a dish. The cod was mushy, although the taste was fine. The steamed muscles in a rosemary broth (my starter) were much better. My wife had a potato-crusted pollock that was heavenly! The pollock was flaky and moist, and the grated potato crust was perfectly crisp. The salads that accompany the mains are varied and interesting, although there is too much dressing on the mixed greens for our taste. Perhaps they could put it on the side, or ask for half the normal amount of dressing.

            For desert we shared the strawberry & creme cake. This was an experience I'd repeat any time. The cake was moist, the strawberries actually tasted like strawberries (I had some in Connemara that weren't quite ripe, and still bitter), and the whipped cream was fresh and sweet.

            Out of the Blue is near Ocean World, on The Strand near where The Strand becomes The Wood. If you go, make a reservation. The restaurant is very small (seats perhaps 24) and very popular. Telephone 066 915 0811.