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Apr 3, 2011 12:48 PM

Boston Area Chinese Buffet

I am looking for a good Chinese/Asian Buffet in and around Boston. What is your pick?

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  1. While I am not as vehemently anti-Chinese buffet as many--a Chinese buffet place helped keep me from starving to death during my college years--I have to admit that I haven't been to any particularly decent ones in the Boston area. I'd kind of like to know where there's an okay one myself, for when I get nostalgic for my poverty-stricken youth.

    I blame a lack of focus: places like Tin Tin Buffet on North Beacon in Brighton expand the offerings with things like sushi and a wide variety of uniformly awful-looking things like chicken fingers and mashed potatoes. Time and effort expended on stuff like that means that the things you might actually go to a Chinese buffet for--steam table standbys like those enormous cabbagey egg rolls, beef with broccoli, various forms of glazed meat chunks--suffer even more than they normally do in buffet form.

    Tin Tin Buffet Restaurant
    200 N Beacon St, Brighton, MA 02135

    1. Bamboo in Dedham has a very nice lunch buffet (also available on Sunday nite) that is often replenished and varied. Lotus something or other on Rt. 30 in Framingham isn't bad, nor is Shanghai something or other on Rt. 60 in Belmont.

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        Bamboo also has good weekday lunch and Sunday dinner buffets in Burlington. The Sunday dinner has a larger selection and is a bit more expensive.

      2. Mandarin Reading, Rt 129 Reading - lunch and Sunday PM. Very good for buffet

        Mandarin Reading Restaurant
        296 Salem St, Reading, MA 01867

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          Yes, we end up here frequently because my 4 year old adores "Chinese bouffet", and they offer scoop your own ice cream (2 different kinds, usually one "safe" flavor like vanilla or chocolate and one more interesting flavor like green tea, coconut or red bean) and whipped cream at the buffet, which is a home run with her. She also likes the lo mein, dumplings, shao mai, fried rice, and shrimp chow mein, and likes to sample a few new things each time we go.

          I usually stick to the sushi (mostly maki but it you time it right you can get nigiri), fried dumplings and shao mai. Occasionally they'll have sauteed greens in oyster sauce. They have about 8-10 different main dishes and the same number of fried appetizer sort of things (crab rangoon, scallion pancake, tempura vegetables, fried chicken wings, battered chicken, barbecued pork, some kind of skewered meat and acouple others I am forgetting). They also have salad, fresh fruit and desser, and they serve soup at your table. It costs $11 or 12 on weekdays, I think $14 on weekends, (Saturday as well as Sunday) and as I recall, the weekend buffet may have more choices.

        2. Yutaka Buffet is fairly new and it is on Rte. 60 in Revere. I have been there several times and I have always enjoyed it. Great sushi and Chinese food. It is a Japanese/Chinese buffet.

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            Thanks- we'll try this for one of our "bouffet" excursions. What kinds of sushi do they offer? I'm pretty flexible but my 4 year old only likes nigiri or sashimi.

            1. re: Chris VR

              They have nigiri and maki at lunchtime and at dinner they expand the options and include sashimi. They have about 8-10 plates with sushi and they have sushi on these two large boats in the evenings.

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                they also have a sister restaurant in chelsea called mandarin buffet

                1. re: galangatron

                  Mandarin Buffet in Chelsea is related to China Buffet in Saugus. Yutaka has different owners :-)

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                  We gave this a try last week. The maki was fine- the nigiri was nowhere to be seen the first part of our meal- it finally showed up around 12:30 but we were done at that point. The peking ravioli weren't very good- extremely thick and almost cold inside, but the shrimp shao mai was really good, so that made up for it. The salty & spicy dry fried shrimp was also very good. There was a similar preparation of what was purported to be scallops but I suspect they weren't actual scallops... they were all exactly the same shape-- flat and large. It tasted fine, but I liked the shrimp much better (although the shell-on preparation may not appeal to all.) They also have peel and eat shrimp, which was a nice addition, and probably worth the price right there. Overall I thought it was a good variety of foods. I didn't try the chicken balls but Greg did and liked them a lot.

                  I didn't try most of the standard stuff, just the General Gau's, which was not particularly good. It was pretty low traffic on a Friday at noon, and low turnover is rough on buffet freshness. I'd go back, though!

                  1. re: Chris VR

                    chris, what restnt are you describing?!

                    1. re: opinionatedchef

                      Yutaka Buffet, mentioned upthread from here. Haven't been back since then, would be interested to know how it's doing these days.

            2. When I worked in Cambridge I had some co-workers that loved the lunch buffet at Chang Sho on Mass. Ave between Porter and Harvard Squares. I was able to find some things I liked there, but none were memorable.

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                I've had the weekend brunch buffet at Changsho and enjoyed it more than your average Chinese buffet. They have some hot entrees, some dim sum, some sushi, and some desserts. All reasonably tasty.

                1712 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138