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Apr 3, 2011 12:43 PM

Santa Anita Food Truck Festival April 2, 2011

What a great day at yesterday's Food Truck Festival at Santa Anita! 79 food trucks serving up some of the most inventive and delicious food plus great horse racing made the day sensational. A spicy Bloody Mary made by the superb bartender, Carlos; enjoyed Ludo's crispy chicken pepitte with bearnaise sauce (love that cole slaw, too!); Border Grill's carne asada quesadilla was a knockout; and "un Nutella avec banana, s'il vous plait" at Crepen Around made the day perfect! With more than triple the number of food trucks this time around, it was easier to sample at all the trucks. Hope there's a next time!

Border Grill
1445 4th St., Santa Monica, CA 90401

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  1. I saw them advertise this on TV. I believe $5 got you into the races and the food trucks. Not a bad deal.

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      Looks like Santa Anita learned their lesson from the last disaster of a time they held a food truck festival. 2 hour waits with not enough trucks and waaaay too many people.

    2. I was at the track and briefly cruised the infield, where the trucks were set up. There were a LOT of people, but it didn't appear there were any long waits. My wife, daughter and I each had a frankie (chicken, paneer, and lamb respectively) ) from Indian Jones -- $5, and delicious. Just wish the horses had helped me cover my expenses.

      1. Tried it again, and boy did they really learn from the disaster the first time around. It was such a great day, a lot more trucks, a lot less lines, everything was spread out over the entire infield, lots of places to buy drinks, place bets, sit, find a bathroom, etc. Everything that was wrong with the first go around was corrected this time. We were only there a couple of hours and managed to try food from five trucks. We had a couple of good Indian Fry Bread taco slides from Auntie's Fry Bread, a gyro and loukoumades from Louk's (so-so), a wonderful bratwurst from the Germany's Famous Bratwurst truck, really good papa rellenos and croquettas from No Jodas, and pork tacos and green chile tomale from the Borders Grill truck. I managed to get to the Borders Grill truck at the last outing and absolutely fell in love with those items, so that was the one truck I wanted to hit up again.
        The only trucks with a lines that were outrageous even at an early hour were the Grilled Cheese truck and the Lobsta truck. Those two trucks had the biggest lines at the last event as was well, only by 1pm the last go around ALL of the trucks had 2 or more hour waits.

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          my friend told me the Lobster Truck line moved pretty fast. Mostly I assume its because they precooked all the lobster and deshelled it already so its just plop in lobster, mayo/butter and serve.

        2. I'm pleased to hear that they seem to have fixed the big problems. The first event was a disaster. It was so bad that I swore off these events for the foreseeable future.

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            I almost didn't venture out there again this time, but was promised that we'd get there early and leave soon after. It's nice to see a business adjust their plans due to customer feedback so quickly.

          2. None of you have mentioned Lake Street Creamery. I didn't go but they were there and have heavenly ice cream served in waffle bowls.