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Apr 3, 2011 11:05 AM

A local sighting of Graeter's ice cream! (Lunds in Minnetonka)

For the uninitiated, Graeter's is a Cincinnati-based ice cream shop that has very slowly started selling pints of their ice cream in other parts of the country.

A friend just bought some today at the Lunds on Highway 7 in Minnetonka, so it appears that the Twin Cities has been added to the list. (although gives no indication of this


I think it's the best ice cream there is, bar none. Yes, I am biased because I grew up on the stuff, but others (Oprah, etc) have publicly agreed. Especially notable are their chocolate "chips" that are somehow soft on the tooth and also so varied in size that it's not impossible to find one that can't be eaten in one bite. (!)

If you're in the neighborhood and decide to spend $5 to try a pint, I must suggest the black raspberry chocolate chip if you're into that sort of flavor combination. Otherwise, go with the chocolate-chocolate chip.

Here's a thread with some others' opinions on Graeter's:

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  1. $5 for a pint of ice cream. OMFG what is this world coming to?

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    1. re: isfahani

      That's pretty standard pricing as far as non-commercial brands go...

      As far as the ice cream is concerned. I will keep an eye out at my local Lunds.

      1. re: NugarifiK

        I noticed this a while back... should have put a :P in there. The ones that I have tried, local or import, none of them seemed to be worth it. I keep on going back to 'regular' Haagen Dazs.

    2. I stopped at a couple of other stores (Byerly's in Roseville, Lunds in Minneapolis) and they all had stock.

      And yes, it's expensive stuff no doubt. But in this case, i would maintain that you're getting what you pay for. Haagan Dazs is an everyday choice that's tasty and easier on the pocketbook, but when it's a special occasion I will be shelling out for the Graeter's.

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      1. re: baronworm

        So do I understand you correctly that you prefer this stuff to local artisanal producers, like Izzy's or Pumphouse?

        1. re: mtullius

          I'm another native Cincinnatian so I think I can speak with some knowledge on the subject. Graeter's fame rests chiefly on its chip flavors. Graeter's ice cream has been made (and is still made) in very small batches. Chips are made by pouring melted chocolate into the "French pots" - as the chocolate hardens it breaks into large chips that appear throughout the ice cream. I think it's wise that Graeter's has concentrated on its various chip flavors on its national roll-out. (By the way - for those who are interested - Graeter's built a new facility in Cincinnati for its expansion but they've just scaled up their operation so that everything is still made in small batches. It's just that they're making so many more batches each day to fill their demand. More info here:


          This is the difference between it and local producers. I think the ice cream itself is solid but it is not better than the best local stuff. While I used to think that Graeters was the best there is, I've found that I don't enjoy the high butterfat content as much as I used to.

      2. This is phenomenal news. I attended graduate school at Miami of Ohio in the 1980s. Went to Cincinnati about every other weekend. Always staopped at a Graeter's. I've ordered pints from the company a couple times a year once they started shipping. Any chip flavor is awesome, and I really like black raspberry chip.

        1. I looked for this at Lunds in Highland in St. Paul. It's not there.

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          1. re: shoo bee doo

            Bummer. That's the one closest to my house. Earlier in the week, I e-mailed Bob Graeter (he and I have drunk wine together several times) to thank him for finally putting the product in Minnesota.

            He wrote back that they are in Lund's and Byerly's stores. I would assume the contract is with all of the stores. I'll have to let him know about the Highland Park Lund's if shelves still void of the product in a week or so.

            1. re: shoo bee doo

              Following up, it is at the HP Lunds. In the same case as Haagen-Dazs, on the far right.

            2. we just bought some at Lunds-Eagan

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              1. re: mn_praline

                Seeing this while en route back from Chaska, we took the long way back to AV and stopped at the Eagan store. While the selection was already picked over I was able to get my wife (she's from Cinci) two flavors she appreciates.

                My favorite, their raspberry chocolate chip, was no-where to be seen. Boo.

                1. re: Bill Roehl

                  Having just splurged for an easter treat, since I don't go in for all those HFCS bombs, I have to say, I am fairly impressed with Graeter's Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip. Worth every cent, and I don't say that very often. It could be slightly stronger with the Raspberry, IMO

                  I'll be trying more flavors soon. Byerly's in Golden Valley has 5 or 6 different ones... And I gotta say I am very happy with the chocolate chips they produce. I just don't like hard bittersweet chips which has turned me off a great many B&J flavors. And one Haagen-Dazs.

                  1. re: isfahani

                    I'm so glad I didn't steer you wrong. :-)

                    And yes I agree that Graeters' chocolate chips put all other ice cream chip flavors to shame!