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Apr 3, 2011 10:53 AM

Help me use up these two (similar) ingredients

Hi there hounds,
Somehow I ended up with multiple packages of chorizo PLUS a package of ground pork which I bought for meatloaf but decided I didn't like.

Obviously I could do quesadillas or enchilladas with the chorizo and i probably will...but what else? Its so crumbly and VERY fatty.

I swear I have done a search and could only find posts about OBTAINING chorizo but nothing about what to do with it.


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  1. Do you like mussels? Mussels sauteed/steamed with chorizo and wine is a favorite around here (I prefer to used dried/cured chorizo, though, and it sounds like you have the fresh form?). Also, Penelope Casas's "chicken with chorizo and red wine" is a very nice dish.

      1. How about using the pork to make a home-made sausage.

        Or: If making sausage, add in the chorizo.

        Or: Brown and drain chorizo and add it to scrambled eggs or bean soup.

        1. I would brown the chorizo until almost crunchy, drain off all the fat. I would mix some with the pork to make chili or spicy meatballs and would freeze the rest to use as flavoring in all sorts of dishes--pasta sauce, clams/mussels as someone else mentioned and especially as machaca--scrambled eggs with chorizo.

          1. From the "crumbly and fatty" description, I'm guessing you have Mexican chorizo (as opposed to Spanish or Argentine which tend to be a bit dryer and harder) so I would avoid the seafood stew recipes for fear that the rendered fat would become a problem.

            The default, go-to use for Mexican chorizo is with eggs for breakfast. Paired with some rice and beans and tortillas, what can go wrong? But you won't be using your ground pork, at least not directly.

            Chorizo is tasty in empanadas. And here, cutting it with some ground pork will help cut the rendered fat problem.

            But my first impulse would be to make a chili. Use a bit less chili powder than you usually would so you don't drown out the chorizo spices. Mix in some fun peppers: passila, ahahiem... Serve it with cornbread.