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Apr 3, 2011 09:24 AM

Whats the best place for dim sum YYC?

Since the popular Mirama in edm is closed where is everyone going for dim sum in YEG ? Does anyone know why it was closed?

What's good for dim sum in YYC. I find that places aren't consistent.

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  1. Try "search" Chewy, this topic has lots of posts.

    1. Used to go to Singapore Sam's in the NE but since they've gone through two reincarnations, the dim sum was overly salty that I've switched to Central Grand (16th Ave and Centre St) and occasionally, Pebble street in the pacific Place mall by the T&T and canadian Tire by Marlborough stn.

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        We used to go to Singapore Sam's and the "reincarnation - Pearl Garden at least once a week for Dim Sum, but we also find the latest reincarnation Prince Seafood Restaurant- WAY too salty and have also moved on. Just can't handle all that salt. Now go to Happy Hills, T-Pot or Fortune City. Hubby doesn't like Central Grand because of all the garbage piled up out back around the parking area every time we went there. He thinks that is a great attraction for rodents and therefore doesn't trust the cleanliness - food was good but ... he just won't go there any more.

        Happy Hill
        806 Centre St N, Calgary, AB T2E 8K1, CA

      2. I just had an amazing Dim Sum Buffet lunch at the Chinese Cultural Center restaurant. So good that I questioned writing this response.... it was busy enough already.

        1. I always enjoy Regency Palace in Chinatown. It's a little expensive, though

          Regency Palace Restaurant
          328 Centre St S, Calgary, AB T2G, CA

          1. I'm a fan of Central Grand but it does depend on your favorite dishes. Their egg tarts are better than anything I have tried anywhere else. They have an amazing pastry chef. Sometimes they come around with a tray of them but sometimes you have to order them.

            T-Pot is good if you want to order all of your food as they have no carts. Food comes out when it is ready so things are fresher. It seems to matter most with dumplings like shumai or har gow.