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Apr 3, 2011 08:49 AM

Etxebarri directions from San Sebastian

I have upcoming reservations at Etxebarri (thanks to this board's suggestions) and am a little concerned about getting there. We will be driving our rental car from San Sebastian. A previous poster indicates that Google directions are not good. Can anyone give me specific driving directions?

Thanks so much!

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  1. The food blogger, ChezPim, has a very good direction. We used it when we drove to Etxebbarri.
    If you have problem with the above link, go to her blog and type in the restaurant's name in the search function. There will be a full review of the restaurant and the direction is at the end of the review.

    1. Another blog with helpful directions:

      I think the main issue with the Google directions is that it only labels the road from Durango to Mondragon as GI-632 while the road signs read N-636. We made our way from La Rioja (Abalos) to Etxebarri last year, so we were coming from the opposite direction as coming from San Sebastian. After a long drive through the mountains on our trip, I was convinced we were going on the wrong way, so we went back to the highway only to try it again. Luckily, I allowed an extra hour for getting lost, and while we were on the correct road the entire time, we used every bit of that hour.

      I would recommend pulling up the directions & route on Google, zoom in nice and close with the satelite view, then print as many screen prints as you need to see all of the details of the route. Had I have done this, it would have been much easier to see the route clearly to know we were on the right path. (I only printed one high overview map, and I really wished I had not been so frugal with the ink & paper


      Enjoy your trip and meal - both will be very memorable!

      1. Thank you both very much for the tips. I have printed out so many maps/views that I think I can now find it!
        Hey MesaChow - are you by any chance from Mesa, Arizona?

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          Yup, we live in Mesa, AZ (but like to get out of here as often as possible - Spain this March and last March).

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            Well, hello neighbor! Our daughter lives in Madrid so we have started making it a regular stop. First time to Barcelona/San Sebastian this April.

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              What a small world! I'm checking out your blog right now.

        2. When are you going to Etxebarri? My wife and I will be going with some friends, for the first time, later this month (on the 29th). I'm interested to know how your experience was, and if you have any tips with respect to the food or anything else. We'll be coming from Abalos (La Rioja) ourselves, so I've made note of MesaChow's comments below.

          1. I found Chez Pim's directions + the directions on the Extebarri site to be superior to GPS and Google Maps, FWIW. But we did still get a little lost.

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              European friends always advise me to use viamichelin maps (downloadable). I don't think I would feel comfortable relying on Google maps for out-of-city travel in Europe.