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Apr 3, 2011 08:25 AM

Taquito Anaya truck FANTASTIC pastor and carnitas corner of airport and guadalupe

South side of Airport and Guadalupe in a sketchy looking fire extinguisher recyling shop. I won't say this is the best taco truck in town (commercial tortillas), but it's so good that to really distinguish the food these ladies serve up from El Rico and others, for example, would be pointless. it rivals the aforementioned for nicely seared pastor and carnitas tacos. This is the pastor that comes out as hot, seared crispy chunks of deeply "annato'd" red well seasoned meat and fat, not that stewed pork bull shit you get at lazy joints. The carnitas are the same, but shredded as they should be, crispy seared on the griddle, and nice and "porky" with little else to mess that up. My barber Lizzy recommended this place and I was blown away and embarrassed to have missed something for 5 years this good in my distant hood. 7 to 4 pm weekdays, 8 to 4 sat.

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  1. i work near there and love carnitas

    1. Better than Rositas?

      I am visiting Austin and particularly focused on pastor...


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      1. re: Jack Barber

        Well, that's a tall order Jack. This is a taco truck that can be mentioned among the top ten Mex Trucks in Austin, and in the same breath with Rositas or Tacos El Rico but I couldn't say it's just as good as them. However, I like Anaya's pastor better than Rico's, not as good as Rositas. I like Anaya's carnitas as much as anyone's, including Angie's Restaurant on 7th. I love the Rico's barbacoa and Anaya does a good version too. This is a must hit if you're heading around sampling Mex trucks.

        1. re: slowcoooked

          Thanks, Slow. If you have a second what are your top couple picks for pastor specifically?

          I fly in tmw a.m. and will go on a pastor foray if I get stymied at Franklin bbq....

          1. re: Jack Barber

            I'm not Slow, but Rosita's is likely your best bet. Close to Franklin, too.

            1. re: Steven Dilley

              Rosita's and El Meson on Burleson, although they're both a little erratic.

              El Meson
              5808 Burleson Rd, Austin, TX 78744

              1. re: tom in austin

                Thanks guys. Hit Rositas three times. Once excellent, the other two times somewhat dry.

                Best pastor (for me), however, was Piedras Negras this a.m. en route to the airport. Really outstanding.

                Denied by Franklin on day 1 but happened by on Mon late lunchtime just when they were putting sold out sign up. Went in anyway and there was one piece of brisket left. Got a sandwich. Entirely off the hook, and at $5.5 for what must have been upwards of 3/4 lb of meat one of the better food bargains a person can find.

            2. re: Jack Barber

              I too love Rositas, Jack. You didn't ask but if you'll be eating breakfast I love Mi Madres sausage, egg, potato or migas tacos. I know it's horrible when places don't make their own tortillas, but those are great bfast tacos nonetheless. They have a tiny griddle and have pitiful fajitas and pork dishes, all of which seem stewed. oh, and if you're into beef, try the beef tongue at foreign and domestic, a 7 buck-ish app that is melt in your mouth good.

              Mi Madre's
              2201 Manor Rd, Austin, TX 78722