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Trevi in Glenside - at last, something good in the 'hood!

We ate at the newly-opened Trevi Restaurant on Glenside Avenue last Thursday, and it was terrific. The space has been completely redone from its days as Rizzo's and feels much larger and more open. A new mural depicting the Trevi Fountain in Rome covers one wall, and the overall effect is modern, clean, and expansive.

The food was consistently well-executed. My husband had the mixed greens salad with house dressing (a lively vinaigrette) and the egg pappardelle with bolognese sauce. He pronounced it spectacular, with perfectly-cooked noodles and just enough of the rich sauce to coat. I enjoyed an arugula salad with walnuts and "tomato raisins" (grape tomatoes dried slightly to enhance their flavor) dressed in a light lemon vinaigrette, and the 12" house margherita pizza. The pizza was simply delicious, with a slightly-chewy-but-still-crispy wood-fired crust, very fresh tomato sauce, basil and fresh mozzarella cheese browned to perfection. I ate three quarters of that pizza all by myself, and there was still enough for my husband to take for lunch the next day. We didn't think we would get dessert, but seeing that the tiramisu was served in a small cup we figured we could share without getting overly full. The coffee was very good as well. They did only have two dessert options on the night we dined, and it would be nice to see a dessert special or third regular dessert to round out the choices in future.

Their full menu is up on their Facebook page, with website coming soon. Trevi is byob (we did), and the prices are very reasonable. Our meal was just $43 before tip, and we left feeling happy and satisfied. We are so glad to see life returning to a space that holds such happy memories for so many people in the area! We look forward to our next meal at Trevi.

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  1. Olivia - how was parking? I am always looking for a place 1/2-way between Jenkintown (where my mom lives) and Plymouth Meeting (where I live). Sounds like this may be a place to check out!

    I remember Rizzo's from my Bishop McDevitt days - walking down after a 1/2 day of school and grabbing pizza with my friends. Seemed like the place was always packed with McD kids!

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      Parking's not really an issue - there's parking on the street directly in front of the restaurant, and there's a municipal lot just across the street, down Bickley Road. All parking is metered.

      Rizzo's was the go-to place for my family when I was growing up in Wyncote. Even though Trevi is very different, it's nice to have a good Italian place in that space. And for anyone who remembers the scungy Rizzo's bathrooms, the revamped washrooms are a real treat! ;-)

    2. Thanks so much for the review. We thought that any dinner in Glenside was limited to Athena, its good to know there are other options. We will definitely give it a try!

      1. Thanks for your review! We are always looking for BYO's to try. Sounds like this one is on our list.

        1. Thanks for the review. Great to have a good byob in the suburbs.

          1. This sounds really promising. The House of Rizzo (I take it the green sign is gone by now) deserves to have only a high quality replacement. Its a bit of a hike from the C'ville area but worth checking out. And don't fret the shortage of dessert options. Jack Frost is just up the road.
            BTW... how long did the Korean/Italian venture last?

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              I think the sign is finally gone, yes. And I saw that they've added a limoncello cheesecake to their dessert offerings - yum!

              For those who were wondering about parking, it's worth noting that the meters only go until 6PM in Glenside, so parking after that time is free.

              I don't think the Korean/Italian restaurant made it a year. Hopefully TreVi will be there much, much longer!

            2. Thanks for the post, doesn't seem to many worthy spots in that area. Looking forward to trying and thrilled it's a BYO!

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                I'm excited to try Trevi, too. I agree there are not a lot of worthy spots right in Glenside, but I do really like Jasmine on Easton Rd. for Chinese, Pho and Beyond right up the road (tho' no longer Glenside) for Vietnamese, and I only tried the new Thai place in Roslyn once but did like it; same with Fletchers for bbq. Not to mention quite a few others within a 15 minute ride. So it could certainly be worse!

              2. We live in Glenside and are so excited to see these great reviews. We drive out to Arpeggios too often.
                I Just spoke to the owner;
                .their Web site is under construction.- the menu can be seen on Facebook link.
                I told her about Chowhound.- NOT wood fired, but she said they have the best top quality very old ovens that turn out great "old school" pizza.
                Not open for lunch, yet.
                Not open Mondays.

                I'm thinking of putting the pork chops back in the freezer and taking the family tomoro.

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                  Do you have a link to their FB page?

                2. We went tonight and were glad we did.

                  We were tempted by the many pizza choices but decided to save that for another time. We both enjoyed mixed greens salads, simple but good. I had the egg pappardelle bolognese, which was also simple but delicious (and plentiful, I have leftovers for tomorrow). My husband had one of the specials - the chicken cacciatore which was served over a creamy polenta and topped with broccoli rabe - I took a couple bites and thought it was very good; he enjoyed it as well. We couldn't resist sharing the limoncello cheesecake, which was just the right size for something so rich and yummy.

                  The manager and our waitress, Theresa, was very friendly but in no way overly so. The owner, Joe, came and introduced himself and chatted a bit as well, as felt just right at a neighborhood place just open two weeks.

                  We wish them well, and will definitely go back. Possibly as soon as this Tues. eve, when they're having an open house and donating their proceeds to a local charity.

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                  1. re: lauracohenromano

                    Take out margherita pizza and a salad with candied walnuts were very fresh and good. Finally, good pizza!!! Next time we'll eat there.

                    1. re: DaisyM

                      How is their crust? I like mine on the thin side, and have been searching for a good local place that has it.

                      1. re: PattiCakes

                        The crust is thin and cripsy and the sauce was fresh! Mica was a homerun and now we have a great place for pizza!

                        1. re: DaisyM

                          I take the train to & from Glenside train station every day to work,. Sounds like next week I'll be doin' some pizza takeout! Many thanks to all for the recommendation!!

                          1. re: PattiCakes

                            We ate there again last night and had another terrific meal. They've added an amaretto bread pudding for a dessert special (which may make its way on to the regular menu), and it was really, really good. A nice portion size (looks like it was baked in a large muffin tin), crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The flavor was delicate and reminded me of french toast - definitely not too sweet. We're really luxuriating in this new, delicious neighborhood dining option! :)

                  2. Thanks for the review! I've been a little reluctant to try it for two reasons - one, a bunch of one-sentence five-star reviews showed up on Yelp within minutes of each other by one-review reviewers, and two, it's way pricey. But maybe it's worth a shot. Got to be better than Rizzo's was right before it closed up shop.

                    I just checked on Yelp (looks like you copied your exact review there as well ;) and it looks like the Yelp Police have removed all the false reviews. I'll have to try it out so I can Yelp it as well.

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                    1. re: potroastcat

                      Thanks, potroastcat! Yeah, I was hoping my (clearly real) review would outweigh the suspect ones. I'm sure these kinds of things are always by well-meaning friends and relatives, but why don't people realize that one-line glowing reviews stink to high heaven? ;)

                      1. re: potroastcat

                        I thought the prices were very reasonable, what made you think it's way pricey?

                      2. Mrs and I went tonight, hoping for the best. Hoping for a good vibe and real good food. (Arpeggio) Well.. they have a lot of room for improvement as they gain experience.

                        The decor is very nice, new. clean and fresh. But, the beautiful old world style painting of the Trevi fountain and the nice hardwood floors also meant a good bit of noise bouncing off those plaster walls and wood floors. Maybe thats why there was no music? The room was begging for, carpet, drapery, something to absorb the noise and add some cozy warm ambiance.
                        The table setting was spartan ,black top, knife,2 forks, a nice cloth napkin and a 6" plate (which was the only plate we had for our bread and then our entree pizza. Oh and a rose bud in a water glass. How about a cruet of olive oil (it would have helped make up for the 6 slices of hoagie roll and foil wrapped butter in the bread basket,1970?), a pepper grinder, a candle?

                        We were still recovering from Easter so we ordered light, she had an Arugula salad, a good handfull of fresh arugula, 7 marinated cherry tomatoes, and 6 pcs of candied walnuts with a standard, raspberry vinagrette. Pretty good, as it was in 1980, but not at $7.

                        We shared the evening 12" pizza special,$13, red pepper, red onion and anchovey. The crust is rustic and thin and crispy, really good, the marinara red sauce was well done with a nice fresh flavor. the red peppers and onions were fine, the anchoveys a little disappointing, I was hoping for fresh filets or some special brand, but it was just a small bit of haphazerdly placed pieces out of a can or jar, same old....
                        . The limoncello cheesecake was very good.

                        Our waitress Jill, was cute, young and perky. It was fun to watch her, go, stop, mentally go thru her "checklist", remember the next step and go again. She got everything right and will smooth her service with a little time. We were expecting shakers of oregano, peppers, cheese etc to be brought to the table . instead Jill had asked we wanted any, when we asked for cheese she grated it behind the counter into a little 4oz bowl, If I had sneezed goodby cheese, why didnt she bring the grinder to the table? Even better bring the grinder and leave it!

                        Inexperience or too thrifty management?

                        We will be going back again, perhaps our ordering a little more adventurously with their charcuterie or pasta will get us from good to Wow! ?

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                        1. re: seagulls1

                          Went last night and generally agree with the opinions posted here--we will go back as well.
                          Clams were very good (small plate), and I can't wait to try the clam, garlic and cheese pizza. The pizza coming out to other tables looked delicious. Real nice to have those ovens fired up again!

                          1. re: seagulls1

                            We went here Saturday night and were very pleasantly surprised. The service was quite professional and unobtrusive, the space was pleasant and the price was right. We started with the TreVi appetizer sampler which was good but stingy on the bread. Four of us got pasta. I had spaghetti and meatballs which isn't on the entree menu, but were listed separately as sides. I was disappointed they substituted bucatini for the spaghetti as listed, as I am not fond of that pasta, but the dish was respectable. I snitched a tasted of the bolognese, which while not as good as mine, was satisfying. The other two dishes disappeared completely without a peep, so I think we were all happy. We finished with a bread pudding which wasn't bad, but not compelling. All in all, we will be back.

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                              Laughing at the hoagie roll 1970 comment. That makes me less inclined to hit up this place. You have to have good crusty bread at an Italian restaurant!

                              1. re: potroastcat

                                Hear, hear Gulls and PC. Good crusty, warm bread is even better. And a small plate for dipping their cruet of herb-infused olive oil, shakers of fresh grated Romano (personal preference) and red pepper flakes, and a black pepper mill would entice me more to make the 16-mile drive. Foiled butter and a squishy sliced submarine roll? How mundane. (I'll reserve "hoagie roll" for one deserving of the title.)

                                1. re: Chefpaulo

                                  We had a very enjoyable dinner at Trevi this past weekend.
                                  It is not a place for destination dining.
                                  IMHO, it is a pleasant and quite decent neighborhood restaurant.
                                  We would certainly return when we are in or near Glenside.
                                  If you live close to Passyunk Avenue - now that's a different story!

                                  1. re: sylviag

                                    I completely agree. I have different criteria for restaurants 10 minutes from my house with free parking, than making a trip out of dinner.

                                    1. re: sylviag

                                      If in the old 'hood (we lived a mile away and frequented Rizzo's long before they remodeled in 1958), I'd love to see what became of the iconic Glenside pizza emporium. But, then, that's if I'm down there. Thanks.

                                      1. re: Chefpaulo

                                        If you're in the hood on a Friday night, I'd recommend Ann's Kitchen Table - great food and really inexpensive too!

                              2. Last night we went to Trevi for the second time and it was really delicious. Our first time there wasn't so great, but we wanted to give them a second try, because they had so much potential. Last night we ordered an arugula salad tossed w/ Tomato Raisins, Candied Walnuts and Lemon Vinaigrette. It was perfectly dressed and delicious. The candied walnuts were delicious and not full of sugar like some places make them, they were just slightly sweet. We also ordered the margherita pizza and it was great. The crust is perfectly crisp and very thin and the tomato sauce was full of flavor. We also split a pasta dish that was a special, it had chicken, eggplant, zucchini in a sun dried tomato sauce. The pasta was perfectly cooked it had a good flavor and was a big portion. The leftovers are my lunch today and I cant' wait to eat them. Prices are very affordable too and the service is great. We will definitely be back!

                                1. We had dinner at Trevi last night and enjoyed it thoroughly.
                                  Every dish we had was excellent.
                                  We ended up ordering mostly small plates. Some we kept for ourselves, others we shared.
                                  We shared a pizza. Thin, crispy crust and lovely topping - we chose pancetta, arugula, tomato sauce and cheese. Delicious!
                                  sausage and broccoli rabe
                                  grilled Brussel sprouts with pancetta
                                  warm grilled vegetables
                                  two salads - a very good Caesar salad and another one, can't remember details.
                                  We had one larger entree, a special of the evening. It was a grilled platter of a 3 oz. filet,
                                  sausage, scallops, and more Brussel sprouts. $19.00. We shared that one, too, though I kept the filet for myself.
                                  We shared one dessert: a creamy lemon cheesecake.
                                  Total for the four of us was $89 before tip- and we all had plenty to eat.
                                  Very informal and friendly, byob.
                                  We will certainly be back.

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                                  1. re: sylviag

                                    Had a very disappointing dinner here tonight. We waited over 2 hours for 3 pizzas. Service was under par and pizzas were OK. They used the excuse that the take out was backed up making the kitchen SLOW. The owner did not believe me when we left. We arrived there at 5:30 and left at 7:45 and our bill was for 3 pizzas!

                                    Looks like they did not plan on the write -up. We will not be back..waste of time and poor attitude by the staff.

                                    1. re: mandysaunders3

                                      Not sure what you mean by "our bill was for 3 pizzas!". Isn't that what you ordered? Do you mean you should have been comped for one? We were there Thursday night for the first time and the service was very good and friendly. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but you owe it to yourself to give it another try. BTW, I have no connection to Trevi and I do understand diners not wanting to go back after a subpar experience. I will never go back to Radice but we were treated terribly by the owner solely because we had been placed at a four-top. This doesn't sound the same. The owner seems very nice. I'm also not sure what he didn't believe when you left. That you waited that long? How many were in your party btw?

                                      1. re: JanR

                                        mandysaunders3 posted the same thing on yelp, and on there the owner, Joe, replied. He said that he had to pry it out of the server later - it turned out she had forgotten to put the order in. He said it was a server error and he very much apologized and said he'd do his absolute best to make sure such a thing never happened again (hopefully he explained to the server that mistakes happen but then you need to own up to them, so the owner can comp the meal or do whatever it takes to have the customer leave feeling satisfied again!).

                                        Btw I'm no friend or family of anyone at Trevi, but I live in Glenside and would love to see this place succeed. I don't think they're completely consistent yet, we've had two very wonderful meals there, and two just average (none bad). But I think his and most of his staff's hearts and skills are in the right place, and the potential for improvement over time is great.

                                  2. Wow! Thanks. I was about to ask if there was anything edible within walking distance of the Keswick Theater because we like to get parking close to the theater and then get dinner. We had been going to the mediocre Greek, Athena, but after reading your really good review, I just made a res. Looking forward to it.

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                                      I ate at Trevi a couple of weeks ago with six girlfriends and a toddler. One of my friends lives nearby and just had twins, so we wanted to get her out of the house someplace nearby for a nice dinner.

                                      I emailed in advance regarding our large party, and everyone was very accommodating. Everything we ordered was very good (I recommend the brussels sprouts white pie and the margherita pie) and service was great. The owner actually emailed me a day later to check to see if everything was ok, which was unexpected and very nice.

                                      If you live in the hood, I highly recommend it for good pizza and pasta. If I'm in the area, I would definitely go back.

                                    2. I just wanted to add that we have been there a few times over the past few months and it has been excellent every time. A new favorite is the rigatoni and crab pasta, which is absolutely delicious and the pizza is great too. Perfect crust and fresh ingredients. I am also addicted to the romaine salad with blue cheese.

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                                        We visited Trevi about a week and a half ago. The menu was appealing, but the food was just "okay." We found the service to be indifferent--kind of slow, forgot to return to refill our drinks, and the whole meal took a very long time. The prices were average. It was kind of weird that the kitchen door was open and we could see the cook working. The restaurant didn't wow us enough to merit a return visit.