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Apr 3, 2011 07:32 AM

One night dining alone in Milan?

Hoping someone here can give me some good recommendations! I have one night in Milan (will be dining alone). Having never been to Italy before, I'm looking for one great Milanese meal - preferably at a restaurant that has a bar/communal table I can sit at rather than dining alone at a two-top.

Look forward to hearing your suggestions.


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  1. I live in Milan... can't think of one restaurant that has communal dining actually. Sometimes the Lattera Vegetariana is so full they will stick more than one party at a table but it's not true communal dining. I generally go for lunch and I highly highly suggest the piatto forno misto (or any other piatto misto...).

    There is also La Madonnina on Via Gentilino but it's not cmmunal either. Just true home cooked Milanese food.

    Both are very laid back places and you won't spend more than 25 euros for a meal.

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      adding links

      Trattoria Madonnina
      Via Gentilino, 6,, Milan, Lombardia 20136, IT

      La Vecchia Latteria di via Unione
      Via dell'Unione, 6, Milan, Lombardia 20122, IT

    2. I strongly recommend Antica Trattoria della Pesa in via pasubio, Its one of my favorite restaurant in Milan to have a genuine "MILANESE" meal.

      The Osso Buco with risotto alla Milanese is lovely also their Veal Milanese!


      Antica Trattoria della Pesa
      Viale Pasubio 10, Milan, Lombardia , IT