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Apr 3, 2011 07:26 AM

mustard cabbage

Where would I find mustard cabbage in the Boston (Lexington) area?


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  1. I've seen it several places recently: Russo's in Watertown, C-Mart in China-town, & Ming's near the Herald. In general, Asian groceries should have it at this time of year.

    1. I happen to love the stuff and geographically CMart is easy for me to get it.

      Another thing I'll mention is that when the Farmer's Mkts get started, it is available at the Asian farmers. I think it starts coming in mid-late season (so many meals hard to keep track:) but worth seeking out. Maybe some one else can give you a better idea on the timing?

      1. HMart in Burlington is not far from you. You could give them a try.

        1. Market Basket in Somerville (and therefore, possibly their other locations) has them, at least of you're talking about mustard greens that look like this:

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              the picture that Allstonian attached was what I assumed he meant.....