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Apr 3, 2011 05:47 AM

Can one buy Pata Negra ham in DC?

hi, we recently ate at a restaurant called Rio Mar in New Orleans. They had serrano ham, whixh was great, but they also had Pata Negra ham whixh was out of this world. It is from the acorn fed animal in Spain. does anyone know where to purchase Pata Negra in the DC area?

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  1. Canales at the Eastern Market sells jamón ibérico de bellota, the highest grade of jamón ibérico (i.e. pata negra), for ~$80 per pound. That's actually a pretty good price; jamón ibérico de bellota is pricey, pricey stuff.

    The Jaleos also feature different grades of jamón ibérico on their menus.

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      There is a minimum at Canales - but it isn't a lot. Enough for a nice little snack. I could not tell a difference between what is available at Canales and Jaleo. Much better to just get it at Canales.

      1. re: Steve

        Thanks to you both. I've been trying to post a Thank You, to the earlier post, but it hasn't gone through. my husband is thrilled to know he can get it somewhere and i guess it will have to be a very special treat !! Thanks much

        1. re: Regymos

          I believe I recall Mrs. Canales quoting as small as a 1/4 or even 1/8th of a pound, enough for a nice treat for 2.

      1. re: suttonri

        Oh, thanks. i didn't even think of Wagshal's -- their brisket is great. Now we have another reason to go there !! Thanks all !!