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Apr 3, 2011 04:32 AM

Rey Azteca in Warminster

I have not seen much about Rey Azteca on these boards, but we were looking for a cheap casual dinner and I was craving some old school Chi Chi's style Mexican so we decided to give it a shot. The first sign of a good restaurant was that there was a line out the door, at 5:30 on a Saturday night. Tables seem to turn quickly so the wait was no more than 10 minutes. In terms of decor, its an old Pizza Hut and they did the best they could and painted it bright colors and hung sombreros, but its still an old pizza hut. We ordered a kids chicken enchilada and cheese quesidilla for my 20 month old daughter, I got burritos verdes (a beef burrito and chicken burrito topped with salsa verde) and my husband got chorizo and potata burritos. We were really hungry so we also got some chicken and beef soft tacos a la carte and sopapillas for dessert. The food overall was really good, the chorizo burritos were outstanding, with a bit of spice and topped with a mild cheese sauce. The chicken and beef in the tacos was really flavorfull and tender. My daughter LOVED everything, she ate an entire quesidilla, an entire enchillada and almost a whole chicken soft taco, and was gobbling up the chips and salsa and the steak from my burrito. My only low lights were the fact that the salsa they served with the chips was bland and tasted like watered down tomato paste and some of the cheese they used tasted like american cheese. But, those worked well for the palete of a 20 month old! The service was great very attentive, we ate a ton and the bill was only around 30 dollars. We'll definitely go back.

One more funny thought on the atmosphere, they had some music in the background and they must have had a Christmas CD on because we heard Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and Jungle bells in spanish. My daughter heard it first and as soon as she heard Jingle Bells she stood up in the booth and started to do a little dance!

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  1. Based on the description of the type food/place you were seeking on this occasion you may want to give Plaza Azteca a try. We thought it to be a fun venue with good service, good "chain type" Mexican food and quite low prices. It is always extremely busy with a full parking lot; after business hours the adjacent lots seem available. Unfortunately for your young daughter with the dancing feet; I do not believe they are currently playing Jingle Bells, spanish or english!

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      They might not have jingle bells or holiday songs in spanish in rotation at plaza azteca, but on some given nights, they have a mariachi band walking around the restaurant playing requests. Which my daughter gleefully requests feliz navidad and la cucaracha haha.

      Plaza Azteca ( is basically what you described for Rey Azteca. No frills food for a decent price. Their tableside guacamole is pretty darn good for the price. I'm in love with their white salsa, whatever it is. It's a tangy salsa with a consistency of ranch dressing, with a slow burn aftertaste. We go to Plaza at least 2-3x a month. I enjoy their "el paisano" very much, a t-bone steak topped with sauteed shrimp, bell peppers, and onions in some type of cheese sauce. Refried beans and rice accompany the platter. Great deal for dinner -- check for a family of 3 including drinks and app comes to around 40-45. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

    2. we love rey azteca - cheap, tasty, massive portions, amazing for kids... my toddlers love it too!

      and coincidentally, we were there last night at about the same time also - did you see us with our 2-yr-old twin boys?

      edited to add - they will give you a spicier salsa on request just FYI.

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        Missfunkysoul, that is too funny you were there at the same time. We might have walked right by you! There were tons of families with toddlers there, which is a huge releif when you have your own little one. We were the family chasing around a 20 month old girl who was doing crazy dances and trying to blow kisses to everyone!

        We'll have to ask for the spicy salsa next time!

      2. wow, love Rey Azteca. Trust me, you yearn for it after you move to Florida, nothing like it here. My fav was being able to bring a 6 pack or bottle of wine which they would promptly bring you a glass or uncork the bottle for no charge. Like AmbelerGirl said, the line out the door is a good sign. Miss it tremendously.

        1. For those a little further south in Bucks County there is Cancun Mexico which is owned and run by the same folks as Rey Azteca. It's on Route 1, next to the IHoP.