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Apr 2, 2011 11:12 PM

il moro, tonight, very short review

party of 8
ambiance A+=
food B-

unbalanced salad
better bolognese can be made a home starting with sauce from a jar
better pizza can be found both at EATALIAN, and at ANTICA
the sauce for the mezzaluna looked good but was flavorless
the eggplant roulades were NOTHING compared to the similar eggplant dish served at OBIKA. not even worth the calories, forget the price. . . .
the food, was 'NOTHING WITH NOTHING"

beautiful restaurant
pleasant, attentive service.
beautiful plating will only do so much

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  1. Despite the fact that we live just a few minutes away from il Moro we have been exactly once, and have felt no urge to return.

    1. In our experience this place started going downhill two years ago. I work in nearby and it was a favorite for vendor lunches and occasional dinners. We didn't have to deal with the hassle of traffic and the food quality and service satisfied everyone. They had an extensive menu and great seasonal specials.

      But they decided to change their focus and cut the menu to less than half and had very basic items. Took a lot of the popular items off and changed the pricing and size structure. The seasonal specials were nowhere near as inventive or interesting. We stopped going there about a year ago. It says a lot to me that even the couple of non-ch types in our department found the food to be boring and didn't complain when we stopped going.

      Really a shame, they used to be so good.

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      1. re: Jase

        My wife used to work in that building until about 2005. Her company was the same as yours - solid choice for work-related meals or just for an occasional lunch or a bite or two with wine after work. We'd go for the occasional dinner when someone wanted a solid Italian choice that was off the beaten track. Our last meal there was about three years ago when a good friend of my father was visiting from Kansas. He eats out all of the time - his kitchen is a museum - looked at a lot but never touched - and he really liked the place. The next time he's in town, we will make sure to skip this place if it doesn't turn around. Fortunate for us he also is a big fan of Japanese cuisine - that makes the choices around here much easier...

      2. From your review, a B- for food sounds far too generous. I'm sorry you weren't one of my professors. I've only ever been for lunch - a couple of times - and it was okay, though overpriced for what it was.

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        1. re: estone888

          there clearly was some effort put in, and, truthfully, the food wasn't horrible, , it just wasn't good either (that goes for the insipid coffee as well)

          the price/quality/quantity ratio, though, was awful.

        2. I've been there twice for happy hour. During happy hour, drinks are full price but there is a complimentary appetizer buffet, The first time I went, it was great. The appetizers were made up of a good mix of foods. The second time, though., it was mostly fried items and not as good. Still, not bad for happy hour. I'd suggest sticking to wine or beer as apposed to cocktails, which we thought were kind of weak.

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          1. re: jsandler

            I only went there once (for the happy hour) several years ago. I thought the appetizers were only okay (can't recall what types of dishes they had, since it was fairly generic-tasting). Still, it was mighty fine for free food. ;) Sad to hear that the entrees don't live up to the beautiful surroundings....