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Apr 2, 2011 10:46 PM

Portuguese Food On Oahu?

I know that for years there was a place on King Street (Lisboa?) But it is long gone. I have to admit I don't even know what Portuguese food is aside from malasadas, Portuguese sausage, and vinha d'alhos. Does anyplace serve Portuguese food here any more?

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  1. The cafe at the Ala Moana Hotel used to have a one or two-week special Portuguese menu once a year...don't know if they still do that. Don't know of a specifically Portuguese menu anywhere else, but the vinha d'alos at the Pancakes and Waffles off Dillingham by Young's Fish Market is delicious...comes as a plate lunch, in an omelet, or probably as a side.

    Pancakes and Waffles
    1284 Kalani Street Suite 100

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      thanks macaraca, i know that Koa Pancake House also has dinha d'alos as well, someone said the owners are cousins to pancake and waffle... almost identical menu. I guess I'll have to try one or the other one of these days.

      1. re: KaimukiMan

        I haven't tried Koa, but if what you've heard is true, I know what I will order when I get there.

        BTW, you might want to check the Our Island Plate blog at:

        This is Wanda Adams' new home, now that the HNL Advertiser is gone...she was the food editor there and did a couple of good cookbooks from 150 years of their recipes. Her family is Portuguese, so she might have some good suggestions for places to get specific dishes.

        Should we start a thread for best Portuguese Bean Soup?

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          surely you aren't implying that Zippy's doesn't have the best Portuguese Bean Soup.... gasp. (kidding, although its really pretty good) The one at Honey Baked Hams is really good.

      2. I've always wondered this myself. I asked some Portuguese co-workers, but they had no idea.

        1. Not sure if it's still there, but there was a portuguese restaurant in Waimalu Shopping Center near Kabuki.

          1. Only Hawaiian Portuguese menus, that I can recall, were at some Lanai City lunch spots on Lanai. They are probably long gone now.

            You got me here, and especially on O`ahu.