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Apr 2, 2011 09:30 PM


Worst experince...first we walk in Sat. at 6:45... no one in the place.... has the whole feel like is this place even any since we had a coupon we go thru with it....the soup was salty, but I like it salty so it was delish to me...then the salad was warm, but the dressing was tasty...the waitress brags about the taziki so we are all excited, it comes and OH SO bland...and the hummus runny and VERY I eat my spinach in hopes to get some good for me food in... after a few bites, I think what is wrong with this....I LOVE spinach, then I realize they put green peppers in it and ruined me... they make me sick...SO note to people/ write exactly/ what you put in your dishes, so a person doesn't have to get sick on your food.

So the dish was unique roasted chicken---it came out dried out and we finish up meal, give the waitress our coupon and she says cool, like totally no big deal....shortly after the manager/GF who only sat at bar drinking tea, so who knows what she is...tapes up a peice of printer paper on doors as this is all happening, stating they don't take coupons-TACKY!!!!!!!....if I would of had that sign up, I would of never ate there in the first place due to lack of business...but gave a shot due to COUPON!!!!!
so waitress comes back after saying cool and said her boss told her doesn't work anymore WTF...and then she has the gall to say we can go on website and get 10% DH insists on getting that at least...just the whole feel was so unprofessional and then to leave with a belly ache, due to a not accurate descriptions... errrrrrr---could of went to so many other amazing greek rest. in area...

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  1. What's unfortunate is that their old location used to be really good. We would go there all the time. But, then they moved, and I think the management changed, and it just isn't the same any more.

    1. this is exactly what i'm sick and tired of! why are these restaurants choosing to participate in and groupon type deals. and then acting like the patron presenting it is trying to scam them?? they should be happy that ppl have enough interest in the establishment to pick their deal. grrrr..... after in encountered a similar situation, credited my account $50 to be used anywhere. did they help you out?