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Apr 2, 2011 08:50 PM

Art Home...not impressed

So has anyone one else ever had this problem with them? We stayed up 5 nights in a row until 1am to try to book this place and the reservation gods finally deemed us worthy! Almost 2 weeks later they emailed us to say they were going to close that day for maintenance. Really? You only book out 2 months in advance can't you figure that out and do it BEFORE you cancel peoples bookings? They offered us 2 other day...but we are not in France for them. I am very bitter right now.

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  1. They ring you six weeks before they need to close (i.e. 2 months minus 2 weeks) to offer you two alternative days to eat with them. Disappointing, yes, but I can't find fault with their customer service. I am certain many places would have simply cancelled you and not offered the alternatives.

    1. Sorry I meant 1 month in advance they book out. So they should have figured out scheduled maintenance by now, they have been open a couple years. Just sayin.

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        I'm sorry this happened to you. I know how excited you were to finally get that reservation because that's how we felt when we got ours (on cancellations, not even on the original booking date).

        We loved both our lunch and dinner at Nomiya ~ maybe you can try to contact them and let them know what dates would work for you (and also what meal ~ maybe they can better accommodate you at lunch if you've reserved dinner, or vice versa.)

        These things happen ~ it could be something broke and has to be fixed. Remember that the kitchen is part of the room and everything happens right there. I'm sure the organization wouldn't cancel an already paid for booking unless it had to.

        You will still have a wonderful time in Paris regardless. Don't let this affect your trip. Have fun,


        1. re: parisjo

          I'm just being a cry baby ;) I know. But yes we were very excited and it takes so long to get reservations. We have other fabulous meals planned but we put the most effort into this one. Such is life. I suspect our trip will be fabulous even without lunch here, sorry for whining ;)~

          1. re: mapleleafgirl

            Hey, no need to apologize. As someone who spends hours doing research and agonizes over which restaurants make the cut for this trip, I totally understand. And yes, you will have a fabulous trip no matter what!


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          It's actually called Nomiya, on top of the Palais de Toyko Museum. It's sponsored by Electrolux, Art Home is their logo for the whole concept and it's supposed to be pronounced Arome in French.

          I had lunch there in May with my daughter and dinner with hubby and 2 friends in October. It was only supposed to be open for 1 year and they extended it for another due to its popularity.

          Here's a cool video of how they got the restaurant on top of the museum:

          You can only make reservations online one month ahead of time (but I have been lucky twice to find cancellations later). The view of the Eiffel Tower is part of the attraction.

          1. re: parisjo

            Maple, you can probably book a tour of Nomiya while you're there... Look on the website... We wanted a dinner res. But that was impossible. We snagged lunch, but then also booked a tour, the last one at the end of the day. It was Decembre so this made it close to twilight. And it being Christmas day, no one showed but us, so we had the joint to ourselves. The lunch was fun, but the food not memorable, just the experience of being there.