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Apr 2, 2011 08:31 PM

Le Creuset Color Matching Opinions Wanted

Many worse problems to be working on fixing in this world, but I hope that helping me answer this question will provide a bit of entertainment.

I am in the market to add a few Le Creuset pots and pans to my battery and I'd like them to be in shades of green and yellow that harmonize. These will stand out against the background of existing collection of cookware in black, white and brown. I don't mind scouring eBay for discontinued colors and I have access to European vendors as well.

It seems to me the Kiwi/Lemongrass color would match well with Citron yellow; They both seem to be on the cool side of the spectrum but I haven't seen them together in real life.

A warm yellow like Dijon I think might go better with the other earth tones in my kitchen, including an adorable little Chestnut Dutch oven, but I haven't seen a green that goes well with Dijon. Maybe a leaf green? Not Hunter, I don't think.

What do all you LC lovers think? Any of you that own pieces in yellow and in green and can tell me which and how well they play together?

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  1. I'm looking at Citron and Kiwi right now and they are lovely together. Dijon doesn't look that great with Kiwi. Kiwi will be gorgeous with Chestnut. The new Fennel might work better with the Dijon. Caribbean is pretty too with green and yellow. Find the colors you're considering on the net and then copy and paste them all together so you can see better what works with what.

    This person mixed the Dune, White, Kiwi and Sonoma Green all together.

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    1. re: blondelle

      I think Dijon might overwhelm Kiwi, but I've never seen them together in person. I've thought that Indigo (Navy Blue, really) would look good with Dijon, because they're two strong colors, and the Indigo would dominate the Dijon, which you can't say for very many colors.

      If you like earth tones (now there's a phrase I probably haven't typed since 1977), you might like the new Spinach color that is exclusive for now at Crate & Barrel: . I haven't seen it in person, as there's no C&B here, but it looks just like Avocado (speaking of 1977).

      And as Blondelle suggests, you ought to check out Fennel at Sur La Table: .

      If you don't mind buying used, I have a Kiwi 4.5 qt I've used only a couple of times that you can have for a good price. My contact info is in my profile.

      1. re: Jay F

        A dear friend of mine has Dijon and Kiwi. They actually look quite nice together. I think with Caribbean Blue as a third color, it'd be really gorgeous.

      2. re: blondelle

        So do you all think that Kiwi and Caribbean looks good together? I am thinking of adding maybe a 4.5 qt round dutch oven to my Caribbean 7.5 round dutch oven and I am trying to decide if I want another Caribbean (which I love the color), cherry red (I saw that color with Caribbean, and it looks great), or the kiwi color. I am really attracted to the kiwi color, but I don't know how it looks with the Caribbean.

        I also notice that the 4.5 round dutch ovens are not as common as some of the other sizes.

        1. re: dixiegal

          Kiwi is pretty with Caribbean blue. You need the Cobalt or the Azure blue with it to though to round it out. Then you can add your other greens to the mix.

          1. re: blondelle

            Yes, I saw the Kiwi and Cobalt and it was really stiking. I just wasn't sure about the cobalt with the caribbean. I bet your right, and the caribbean, with kiwi, and then then the cobalt would look really nice. I guess I am attracted to cool colors.

            I bet food actually looks better in the reds, yellows, and oranges, white, black, etc.
            Dune looks really nice with Caribbean, but I have enough neuatral tones in my house already. I am a little afraid of strong colors. I love them when I see them, but tire of them pretty soon.

            Wish there was a catalog or magazine full of the LC and the different color combinations.

            I once saw several caribbean pieces with a couple of the cherry reds thrown in. Looked very nice.

            1. re: dixiegal

              Try looking at LC's facebook page pics. They have pics from fans - lots of eye candy to peruse!

              1. re: dixiegal

                Here's a photo of the Caribbean and the Kiwi together. To see the colors together just do an image search for the colors and then copy and paste them into another document. Then you can move them around and see which you like together.

                  1. re: blondelle

                    Oh Blondelle, I love it! Thanks for the picture. The stainless knobs look good too! That settles it. I will be saving my change in the cookie jar to buy these colors. I bet a couple of the cobalt pieces pitched in would look good too.
                    Thaks so much.

                    1. re: dixiegal

                      You're very welcome. Maybe this will help too. Love these colors together. You can also add white or dune to them.

                  2. re: dixiegal

                    I'm looking at the Caribbean, Kiwi and Cobalt together now and it's a gorgeous combo! Flame is stunning with Kiwi and Caribbean, but it's a warm color.

                    1. re: dixiegal

                      dixiegal: "Wish there was a catalog or magazine full of the LC and the different color combinations."

                      I have a small catalog I can send you, Dixie Gal. Check out my profile for how to e-mail me your mailing address.

                  3. re: dixiegal

                    I like Kiwi and Carribean together. They are both light, pastel-y colors. I think a darker blue will complement them nicely.

                    I think you can find some pieces in Indigo (Navy Blue--solid, not gradient.) still at some outlet stores. I would like a mix of the three. (I currently have mostly Indigo and Kiwi.)

                1. My first piece was Caribbean, followed by Azure, and Kiwi. Didn't plan on this combo of colors (got them on sale at an outlet), but they look very nice together.