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Locally Made Tofu

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Does anyone know where one can buy homemade/ freshly-made tofu in the LA area?

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  1. I'm sure there's all kinds of places in heavily Asian neighborhoods, but in my neighborhood, there's Soycafe at 1997 Hyperion in Silver Lake. Homemade tofu, soy milk, tofu bahn mi, etc.

    Link: http://eatingla.blogspot.com

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      Soycafe for sure. Viet is going to start teaching tofu making workshops at some point!

    2. I know one of the chefs at Asanebo in studio city makes his own sesame tofu. It's good..but you can only order is as a dish, not as a take home kind of thing.

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        It's pronounced AWSOMENEBO!

        Just ask Joe Walsh! He's the guy at the end of the bar
        with the hat on!

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          Mori at Mori Sushi also makes and serves own tofu, but you can only order it as a dish. It was sold once a week at a market in Venice (forgot the name) but they don't sell it anymore.

        2. There are a couple of tofu makers in the Monterey Park/San Gabriel area.

          VP Tofu
          237 S. Garfield Ave., Monterey Park

          Luong Ky Food
          432 E. Valley Blvd #D, San Gabriel

          1. Meiji Tofu

            (310) 538-0403
            16440 S Western Ave., Gardena, CA 90247

            1. the one in gardena, the same place as mochi-mochi has posted, seems to make fresh tofu in a japanese traditional style. i've also seen their tofu at markets around so cal, though mostly japanese markets. i also heard they distribute their tofu to some restaurants around la. if you ever make your way over there, their "supreme tofu" is a must try tofu. you probably won't find anything as good as that one, at least not in the west coast...

              1. Safe and Save market on Sawtelle north of Pico sells fresh locally made tofu. I forget the name of the place that makes it, but it comes wrapped in a plastic bag in the refrigerated section. It's a little more expensive than the packaged variety, but it's well worth it.

                1. Any in OC? I have to assume that freshly-made tofu will somehow be better, tastier, easier to work with, etc. compared to House brand Block-O-Tofu-In-Water-For-A-Week.

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                    My favorite is Thanh Son Tofu, located on the south side of Westminster Ave between Brookhurst and Bushard. They have a little storefront that sells freshly made tofu, soymilk, and tofu pudding (a white kind with a ginger/sugar syrup, and a green pandan flavor with sugar syrup and coconut cream/tapioca). All of their fresh products are delicious!

                    They also have freshly made banh cuon and fried tofu pieces for sale, homemade yogurt, boiled peanuts, and other goodies in the store.

                    Thanh Son Tofu
                    9688 Westminster Ave.
                    Garden Grove, CA, 92844

                  2. Vinh Loi Tofu
                    Vietnamese Vegetarian and Tofu Factory
                    18625 Sherman Way Ave, #101
                    Reseda, CA 91335
                    daily 7am-7pm

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                      This place is super, as is the very young owner. Not only is the fresh tofu good, but try the vegan buns, soups, et al. I Promise you that non-veggies will love it.

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                        i drove there from playa del rey to try it.
                        i was not disappointed.
                        i used a system of ordering virtually everything on the menu, figuring that there would probably be a few items that wouldn't like. it turned out that i liked virtually everything and ended up stuffing myself.

                    2. 99 Ranch has a super fresh Tofu from a Vietnamese Brand that is the BEST Tofu I've ever had...


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                          I wish i could!! But they sell it by the regular 'house' brand Tofus. I don't remember the name but it was definatly Vietnamese. It's packed like meat.. a foam bottom and plastic wrap surrounding it.


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                            Dommy, I buy that tofu too. It's the best. It's super firm and not too wet, which means it's makes great tofu "steaks". I don't need to freeze it first, or even squeeze it out before i cook it. Tastes great too.

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                              Yes! That is why we loved it! We didn't need to squeeze it out much at all to make an awesome Ma Po Tofu! :)


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                                Went to 99Ranch today and got some of my fave tofu. I actually think this is different than the one you get Dommy. This one is Dong Phuong Tofu made in Westminster. Looks like a big fat log..almost looks handmade.

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                                  Is it the one like a mini meatloaf wrapped in plastic and sitting in a tub of water? That is the one I get from 99 Ranch and it is really nice for "meatier" preps like mapo tofu. Definately not "delicate".

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                                    Exazctly torty. It looks like a meatloaf. Not the one with the styrofoam under it. I am deep frying some of that tofu right now and it's beautiful!

                      1. The place I always go to get my tofu is in Rosemead. They make their tofu, soymilk, and sweet tofu pudding fresh daily. It's very fresh and they do not add any preservative to their soy products, that's why I like dropping by there to pick up stuff. If you go there late, you may not be able to pick up some cuz they always sell out. The best thing to do if you are in that situation is call to place an order. I always place a order and they reserve it for me so I can pick it up after work. Just a helpful hint.

                        VK Tofu
                        9210 E. Valley Blvd
                        Rosemead, Ca 91770