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Jan 20, 2006 01:03 PM

Locally Made Tofu

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Does anyone know where one can buy homemade/ freshly-made tofu in the LA area?

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  1. I'm sure there's all kinds of places in heavily Asian neighborhoods, but in my neighborhood, there's Soycafe at 1997 Hyperion in Silver Lake. Homemade tofu, soy milk, tofu bahn mi, etc.


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      Soycafe for sure. Viet is going to start teaching tofu making workshops at some point!

    2. I know one of the chefs at Asanebo in studio city makes his own sesame tofu. It's good..but you can only order is as a dish, not as a take home kind of thing.

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        It's pronounced AWSOMENEBO!

        Just ask Joe Walsh! He's the guy at the end of the bar
        with the hat on!

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          Mori at Mori Sushi also makes and serves own tofu, but you can only order it as a dish. It was sold once a week at a market in Venice (forgot the name) but they don't sell it anymore.

        2. There are a couple of tofu makers in the Monterey Park/San Gabriel area.

          VP Tofu
          237 S. Garfield Ave., Monterey Park

          Luong Ky Food
          432 E. Valley Blvd #D, San Gabriel

          1. Meiji Tofu

            (310) 538-0403
            16440 S Western Ave., Gardena, CA 90247

            1. the one in gardena, the same place as mochi-mochi has posted, seems to make fresh tofu in a japanese traditional style. i've also seen their tofu at markets around so cal, though mostly japanese markets. i also heard they distribute their tofu to some restaurants around la. if you ever make your way over there, their "supreme tofu" is a must try tofu. you probably won't find anything as good as that one, at least not in the west coast...