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Apr 2, 2011 08:13 PM

Cake is baked and beautiful, now the hard part: The full step process of crumb coat

Howdy folks,
So I"ve made my cake and it looks sooo gorgeous, however I have been doing a lot of research and from what I understand crumb coating is extremely integral to the cake process as it is creates a beautiful and flawless finished product. My biggest issue is that I have read conflicting articles about how to go about this.
The basics from what I have gathered is:
To seal it with simple syrup,
Small layer of frosting=crumb coat
Somewhere in there you are supposed to freeze something or other, not exactly sure what though.
Take cake out and frost it completely and Voila!!

My question is what steps I am supposed to freeze the cake? Is the simple syrup vital to the crumb coating of my cake? How would you recommend I go about applying the simple syrup, as I have heard you can use an icing spatula or you can apply it with a spray bottle,? How do I get an even coating of frosting? In essence, how do I go about creating that flawless finished product.

If this helps the pic of this frosted cake is what I am going for EXACTLY:

Any thoughts, suggestions, advice, or knowledge from experience? PLEASE HELP ME AS I NEED THIS CAKE READY BY MONDAY!!!!

Thanks so much to all of you in advance,
Bonnie V.

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  1. The simple syrup (or flavored liquor) is used to flavor the cake and to add moisture, but it is applied to the flat sections of the cake before icing, but it is optional

    You are supposed to chill the cake after applying the crumb coat.

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    1. re: Kelli2006

      Thank you so much for responding, however I do still have a few questions:
      Would freezing the cake to make it easier to take out of the pan/move around be a bad idea? does using simple syrup and then freezing the cake also work to prevent crumbs? If I chose to apply the simple syrup what is the best way to go about it, spatula or spray bottle? Any tips or suggestions on how to create such a smooth finish as exampled in my link?

      Thanks again.

    2. You'll need a turntable and a bench scraper to get that perfect look :) I've never used simple syrup in regards to crumb coating a cake. Yes, it is best to toss the cake in the fridge or freezer (I prefer freezer, and I do multi-tiered cakes) between finishing the crumb coating until immediately before starting the final layer of frosting.

      I'd definitely check out Edna's tutorial in regards to how to frost a cake as she can show you much better than I can describe it to you (she's a regular on a big cake forum):