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Apr 2, 2011 06:49 PM


Back in the 80s I was taken to a restaurant in Rome that served nothing but mushrooms. I can't remember the name or where it was.I think I remember a cave, but that may be my imagination. Does anyone know this place? I'll be in Rome next week and if its still around, I'd love to go back.

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  1. Actually it rings a bell, but it sounds very '80s, and I'm not sure it's still around. I believe it was on via Quintino Sella, because I used to drive past it (if we are thinking of the same place, of course) and always think I should try it, but never did. It may have been La Lampada, which does not seem to be a mushroom specialist now (if it ever was).

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      Last sunday I had the chance to test La Lampada for its offer of mushrooms. I stumbled into this place during a one night visit to rome for a business meeting, and did not want to rely on the St.Regis hotel restaurant for a late dinner. I made a short stroll into the side streets and found that all the outdoor dining areas were overflwoing with tourists.

      But there in the side street Via Qunitino Sella was a place to my taste. They had no outdoor setup, but the place was still quite crowded. I entered and got a nice table in the window. Maybe the waiter did like my broken Italian when I ordered, but I got excellent service.

      And now to the mushrooms:
      On this day (September 18) the Lampada had the following mushroom specialties on the menu:
      Tagliatelle al tartuffi neri (15 Euro), tagliatelle al tartuffi bianchi (30 Euro), tagliatelle al funghi porcini (I forgot the exact price, maybe 12 Euro) and funghi porcini arrosto (20 Euro).

      I ordered as antipasti alici marinate and insalata caprese (see picture), and as a main course the funghi porcini arrosto (see picture). I closed the dinner with a plate of assorted cheeses (picture) and paid Euro 53 for these three courses plus a bottle of vino bianco della casa, a large bottle of sparkling water and a wonderful short espresso ristretto (picture).

      The waiter had a lot of fun serving me (picture). What I noticed was that the room was full of tourists who mainly ordered spaghetti al ragu or al pomodoro, and some grilled chicken or veal escalope.

      When I came home I did some research on this place and found some quite heterogenous remarks on tripadvisor and on Google maps. It seems that some people simply love this place and some hate it. IMHO quite typical for restaurants in Italy. It seems that those who try to learn a little bit about Italian cuisine have much better experiences than those who behave just like at home...