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Apr 2, 2011 06:24 PM

Treats to bring in to work along commute - N. Raleigh to Downtown Durham

There are many ways I could take to get to work and I'm looking for new treats to bring into the office. I normally bring Daylight Donuts as it's right by my house. I'm not a huge fan of bagels. Sometimes I stop at 9th St Bakery but they don't have donuts. The pastries (while delish) are too pricey to bring in enough for everyone. I did get some raves when I brought in one of their chocolate babkas! Scratch is also too pricey for this need.

I am specifically curious whether there are any breakfasty treat options along 98 or elsewhere? I know there are tortillerias and they seem to be open by 8:15am when I pass by. Do they sell anything breakfasty or donut-like? Are there any other ethnic treats I could bring in that would be different?

Ninth Street Bakery
136 E Chapel Hill St, Durham, NC 27701

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  1. The Mexican panaderias/tortillerias usually sell cookies and pastries from a case.

    Most places I've seen have 20 to 30 different choices.

    They are generally not very sweet and are good for breakfast or a snack with tea or coffee.

    Depending on the place, they cost $.33 to $1 each and some will be larger than your hand.

    I'd ask if they use lard, but these days most of them don't.

    There's a sticky bar, sometimes with raisins, that's like a bread pudding,
    There's a cookie that's like a large pecan sandy.fl
    There's a heart shaped flaky cookie.
    There's a bar cheese pastry that's like a bready cheesecake.

    Most of the filled and colored pastries are kind of blah.

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      I got all this for $6. Most of it was a bit firmer in texture than I am used to. It looks like they had some items made out of a bread like dough and then others that were a yellow cakey dough. This is from a panaderia tortilleria along 98.

    2. My personal stand-by is a sack of biscuits and some preserves. I don't know the area where you are but I'd imagine there is at least one Bojangles/Biscuitville sort of place along the way. I usually buy the jam ahead and try to have a bit of variety (sweeter, more savory, etc.)

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        Well if the Chinese Bakery at Li Mings has the same output as the one at Grand Asia that will be another stop. How about Guglhupf? Fosters Market (next door)? There are some set ups along 9th Street. Get some goodies from Parker and Otis, Whole Foods, Mad Hatter....