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Apr 2, 2011 05:05 PM

Where are the worst cocktails in LA?

I want to show a visiting friend the very worst and the very best cocktails in LA. I have lots of suggestions for the best, but where (besides chain restaurants—that's cheating) do I get the worst?

Put another way, where's the hardest place in LA to get a buzz on?

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  1. Would assume you're looking for a place that attempts to have good cocktails but actually doesn't? If so, must say I was very unimpressed with the Roger Room. If you're just looking for the outright worst, hit Hollywood Blvd on Saturday night, find some trendy club and go for the hottest bartender you can find.

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    1. re: Discokill

      Interesting, for us Roger Room has some of the better cocktail options in LA

    2. silly question?
      but why would u waste money on the "worst"
      worst meaning they are watered down or just badly prepared?
      or the worst dive bar in LA?

      1. Antonios on Melrose has drinks you won't be able to finish.

        1. Gotta go with those places w/o licenses that serve soju (wife's suggestion). Buddha's Belly comes to mind, but there are many others. Wine margarita is another option, but there are enough terrible margaritas out there that that category shouldn't be too hard.

          Seems like I've sent back more watery vodka tonics, lawn-clipping mojitos, and neon mysteries than I can remember, but none come to mind. The other subcategory is the too-strong drink, and Columbo's in Eagle Rock gets my vote.

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          1. re: cant talk...eating

            I've been meaning to go to Columbo's. How is the food?

            1. re: reality check

              Dunno. Only been there for the booze.

              Das - maybe one of those old-school Chinese Restaurants on the west side would be worth a try. I think Shanghai Grill on Wilshire in Beverly Hills had pretty weak cocktails. They have a little bar in front as you walk in.

              Oh I know - does anywhere in town have one of those frozen margarita/daquiri machines? Like at a swim-up bar in Mexico or something. That would be awesome. "CHHHhhhh - order up!"

              1. re: cant talk...eating

                Columbo's food is quite good, in the red-sauce-and-steaks category. This is the place whose owner was the villain in "The Big Night", or might as well be. Live music in the dining room on Fridays, or used to be. As for the drinks, all I get there are martinis and wine, so I wouldn't know about too-strong.

                As for those wine "margaritas", we've only come close to experiencing any - were about to order dinner at a place up on Washington in Pasadena, and asked about the margaritas. As soon as we learned the truth, we got up and went elsewhere.

                1. re: Will Owen

                  Thanks. I heard they went through an ownership change a couple years ago, and the food wasn't as good as before. I may go there late next week.

            2. re: cant talk...eating

              I seem to recall seeing wine margaritas on the menu at Gardens of Taxco... you can get a double "worst of" bang for your buck that way :)

              I keed, I keed.... I actually do have a soft spot for Taxco, for reasons I just don't feel like getting in to right now.

              Mr Taster

              Gardens of Taxco
              1113 N. Harper Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90046

              1. re: Mr Taster

                Those singing Mariachi bands would lead anyone to drink ... just about anything.

            3. While I'm sure there's worse, I've had pretty weak and insipid cocktails at the Cheesecake Factory, specifically the location at the Grove.

              EDIT: Oops, just noticed that chains are disallowed. Please ignore.