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Apr 2, 2011 04:47 PM

Brigs - coming to Charlotte. Any good?

Just noticed today Brigs Restaurant is going into the old Eddie's spot in south Charlotte beside Earth Fare. They have several locations in the Raleigh area and this will be the first one for the Queen City. Menu looks pretty good and they should do well for brunch on Saturday and Sundays like Eddie's did. Has anyone tried their breakfast?


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  1. A chain restaurant in Ballantyne. What will they think of next? This will compete with Skillets, right down the road. And Le Peep at Arboretum.

    Le Peep
    8140 Providence Rd Ste 300, Charlotte, NC 28277

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    1. re: southernitalian

      Ha! Ain't it true, SI.

      I still can't get over Eddie's leaving that spot. Or being forced out, I should say. It is like Ballantyne's version of The Penguin saga. Very sad and just plain wrong.

      Why oh why do we need another chain, sysco food serving restaurant in South Charlotte/Ballantyne???

      1. re: lynnlato

        What's the story with The Penguin? Someone told me it closed but then website's still online. I don't live in Charlotte but have dropped by and enjoyed a meal there while traveling.

        1. re: Leadmine

          Oh boy, that's a hornets nest of a situation that has caused all sorts of drama here in the Queen City. But basicly, the place originated in the Ballentine Family. It closed some years ago and a group of 3 guys got together and met up with the Ballentines and said they wanted to rehab the place and re-open it. The Ballentines agreed and leased the space to the guys but maintained ownership of both the property and the name. And that's how The Penguin as we know it was brought back to life. But then somebody considered franchising (both the Ballentines and the guys accuse each other of this). The relationship went sour and The Ballentines refused to renew the lease. The guys moved their concept, minus the name, around the corner to The Diamond. The Ballentines entered into a franchise/brand agreement with another company and they re-opened late last year. Much of the Plaza-Midwood neighborhood (and much of Charlotte too) has aligned with The guys and The Penguin as it is now is basicly a souless shell of once was a great neighborhood joint. The Diamond, however, is doing well and is just around the corner serving up the same stuff they did at The Penguin.

          Phew, that's a lot. But that basicly sums it up.

          1. re: lynnlato

            Nice summary LL. Now if only we had some decent Tex Mex.

            1. re: lynnlato

              Wow. Thanks for the update. Guessing the Ballentine brand "Penguin" doesn't have all of the homemade items that the 3 guys who ran it cooked up then? Are we talking Sysco brand foods now? Next time I'm there I'll be sure to hit up the Diamond.

              1. re: Leadmine

                You know Leadmine, good things rarely happen when a "brand" is developed and franchised. So, my guess is Sysco is making regular deliveries. And FYI, the original chef/co.ok, Auten, opened his own place called Pinky's, another diner on the west side. Great burgers, house made corn dogs and those yummy fried pickles. Try the ding dong burger - a nice burger topped with asian slaw, chunky peanut butter and sriracha - crazy good!

                1. re: lynnlato

                  I'd have to be starving to eat a burger with peanut butter on it, but thank you for the info and recommendations. I will go out of my way to get my hands on a hand-dipped corn dog!

              2. re: lynnlato

                The most recent Charlotte Magazine had an interesting artilce about this situation. Apparently, there was a little more than what we were led to believe. It's somewhere online, and it's a pretty good read, It goes into the entire history of the Penguin and mentions several things about the recent controversy that, to my knowldege, were not reported anywhere else, such as how the franchinsing talks began and who was involved.

                1. re: ickymettle

                  Yea, I read that one too. I'm sure the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

                  1. re: ickymettle

                    There was a Groupon for the "new" Penguin last week..... The lines of people are all down the street at the Diamond.

          2. In North Raleigh they always have a line out the door on weekend mornings.

            Why, I have no idea because it's some of the worst, overpriced breakfast I've ever eaten. If folks like that food then they probably like Applebee's too.

            I've eaten at the Original Pancake House in Charlotte - believe me the breakfast there blows Brigs away.

            Heck, I'd rather eat at Perkins than Brigs.

            1. I used to work near one. It was one of the few options for lunch that wasn't fast food. I'd call in my order and pick it up. There was never an error, cashier always made sure the proper condiments were there, nice professional level of service.

              One plus is that there are a number of sides available, including a really generous array of fresh fruit. Their broccoli salad is very tasty too. Lunch items were decent and good value. Nothing is really calling me to revisit now that I'm seldom in that area, but I wouldn't avoid it if I was faced with the same options again.

              Yes, local, super delicious and creative is always preferred - but sometimes that's just not one of the choices available. I think Briggs is a valid choice when faced with the usual suburban mix of the same old same old. They have something for just about anyone and breakfast is served past morning.

              1. I used to live less than five minutes away from their Durham location, and so I ate breakfast there every month or two for 2-3 years until I moved in 2006. I go back occasionally if I am nearby.

                They have a really wide variety of breakfast options, including different kinds of eggs Benedict which I think are kind of a hassle to make for myself. Good for a group of people because it's hard to think of a breakfast item that they do not have. All very reliably done, and i was always impressed at how short the wait was in spite of the line.

                Of course, it is just breakfast, nothing fancy, and that is why i would not go out of my way. I think of it as an alternative to cooking myself, not as "eating out" for the purpose of trying something new and different. Never tried their lunch stuff because it did not look interesting to me. Oh, and I don't like Applebee's.

                1. By chance, is this the same family that had a great small restaurant in Chapel Hill 25 years ago? I still have dream about the bouillabaisse with french bread. It was my favorite restaurant dinner ever.