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Apr 2, 2011 04:33 PM

Soda Pop Store

Hey all,

This has been bugging me for a couple months since watching the Obsessives on soda pop. I remember there being a pseudo-dedicated soda pop store in Taylors Falls which carried a crazy array of different off brand soda's in glass bottles, similar to the store featured in the Obsessives clip. I don't think it exists anymore but I was wondering if there was anything in the Cities that would fill that niche.

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  1. There is a place on 169 just west of Jordan called Minnesota's Largest Candy Store that has a large selection of sodas, mostly root beer but they had others as well. They must have had at least 60 different types of root beer alone. It's part of Jim's Apple Orchard so it's only open seasonally. I'm not sure exactly when it will open for the year, but it should be pretty soon I would think.

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      It's open mid-July to the week after Thanksgiving, according to a comment on this article:

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        Yeah, it is mainly root beer, though there is some other obscure stuff there. I bought some Moxie there last fall, as well as some East German-styled clear soda. Jim's is a real surprise!

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          Eagle River Wisconsin has a resto called Soda Pops that carries like 150 different soda selections.

      2. The place you are thinking of is called Schoony's Malt Shop & Pizzeria, and it is indeed still up and running, with a ridiculously large selection of sodas. They also serve "pizza," but I would recommend skipping that and hitting the Rocky River Bakery instead.

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          Cool, I must have driven right past it last time.... I'll keep it in mind when I'm up there this spring. Thanks for the heads up.

          Thanks for the Minnesota's Largest Candy Store recommendation everyone, Moxie looks like it would definitely be worth a try.