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Apr 2, 2011 03:33 PM

Is there a butcher that will sell calf brains and other offal?

I'm new to the US and am trying to find good butchers that sell veal offal such as brains and sweetbreads. Anyone got any suggestions? I've looked online but no joy, so I was hoping for some insider knowledge. Also, I cant seem to find any unsmoked bacon either!

I write a blog on English Food and would like to get hold of them for some recipes for it.

thanks folks!

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  1. There was a recent thread on availability of offal with many suggestions.

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    1. re: brucesw

      Thanks Bruce
      I found the thread - but none seem to sell calf offal, just beef. Is there somewhere that deals with or specialises in veal?

      1. re: buttery77

        Good looking stuff on your blog btw.

        You have pretty well exhausted my knowledge of offal suppliers. I don't know what to suggest. Since this is for something English?, maybe look at the list of suppliers on the Feast website and start calling? How about that new Revival Market in the Heights?

        What nationalities serve brains - Pakistani, Mexican that I can think of. Some taco trucks do a lot of offal tacos - sesos, buche, tripas, etc. Maybe Mi Tienda in Pasadena - they have a very big meat department, bigger than most canicerias. Maybe a halal butcher? The biggest in town that I know of are Jerusalem Halal Deli on Hillcroft, World Foods Whse on Beechnut at Hwy 6 and Savoy on Wilcrest.

        But calf- I don't know.

        Here's a place I happened to spot one time - never have been back. May be the supplier for Halal butcher shops in the area:

        1. re: brucesw

          Thanks Bruce - I'll check those out. Cheers!

    2. Check with Yonder Way Farm in Brenham about their bacon. I'm pretty sure it's unsmoked.
      Their meats are excellent, and they are fine people to deal with.

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      1. re: zorra

        Thanks Zorra, I shall have a look-see

      2. Don't know what you want to do with the unsmoked bacon so this tip might not be of value, but I have a few recipes that call for it. I briefly parboil it. That gets rid of the smoky taste. Then I fry it, or use it however it's called for in the recipe.

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        1. re: Jaymes

          Cheers James. A good tip! Thanks

          1. re: buttery77

            You should be able to find pork belly at Revival Market, which is, essentially, unsmoked bacon...

            1. re: grbroderick

              Not quite, grb - in Britain you can get bacon that is cured, but unsmoked. It's often a wet cure usuing brine and spices. I might have a stab at making my own, Cant be that hard (!)

              1. re: buttery77

                Indeed - unsmoked cured Ayrshire bacon is the finest in the world IMHO.

                1. re: FarleyFlavors

                  My BIL made unsmoked/wet cured bacon last year and it was superb. I think he got the recipe/protocol form the internet. I remember the directions including adding some scotch to the cook periodically.

                  1. re: caliking

                    thanks cailiking, i'll have a look on google!