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Apr 2, 2011 02:07 PM

My lunch today at Senor Frog in Manahawkin

Just wanted to put up some pictures of the lunch we had today, we eat their at least once a week.
Mom had th Cuban Sandwich, or as we like to call it the "Breakfast, lunch and dinner" sandwich. It's huge and delicious.

What I had was a simple saute of chicken with fresh mushroom, garlic and ancho pepper, so good.

Every thing is so fresh! And when you go, ask if they have the Boat scallops, Order those in an empanada!

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  1. Thanks, Quine! Great pictures....going this weekend.

    1. This Monday, allergies kicked in like a Brama Bull on LSD and so my asthma really took off. So today I wanted SPICY, as it always helps. So I asked for the Seafood Soup, as spicy hot as he could make it! YUM, the bowl is just so full of al sorts of seafood including squid and octopus as well as shrimp and clams, that I almost did not have enough of that healing chile broth!

      Mom had tacos and tried the Al pastor (she usually orders three kinds, Today she switched in the al pastor to try) WOw was that good. So some more pics for you to see!

      1. Quine

        Have been reading your writeups on Senor Frog for a while and FINALLY got there for dinner last night. It was incredible! The Mexican food we've been searching for! I had the Chicken Mole Enchiladas and SO had salted beef sopas. In addition to the salsa they give you when you arrive, we also had an order of guacamole for our chips. We both enjoyed the food so much we were debating about going to lunch there today. I understand why you go at least once a week!

        I have to admit that it was a bit hard for us to find (I didn't remember that it was in a strip shopping center and there is no sign out front) and if I hadn't read all the wonderful comments about the food, we wouldn't have stayed as there wasn't a soul there at 6:30pm. But we are soooo glad you've written about this so much because we were inspired to stay. (And btw, when we left at 7:30 the place was full along with several waiting for takeout)

        The owner wasn't there last night but the staff were great explaining things to us. In the end they comped us the guac so we would come back and meet the owner. A great marketing idea!

        We can't wait to go back and try other items. What a great find!

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          cook262, Thank you so much for reading my posts! It has been just about a year exactly since I stumbled onto Senor Frog. Unfortunately, you DO have too look for it. I blame the Plaza's signage for sure. I am sorry that you did not meet the Chef, Luna, he is so warm and welcoming,
          If you haven't had the Carnidtas, you have not lived. Well OK I um...ok it is finger sucking awesome great pork.
          I can honestly say, I have eaten there at least once a week for a year now (never had anything but chain taco bell type stuff before) and Never. ever had anything less than great. I think in my foodie quest to try it all, I am well satisfied. His Boat Scallops (he literally does get them from Folks off of Barnegat Light Fishing Fleet) are the best scallops I 've had ever. Since I grew up in the food business and I am 59 years old, that is some cooking!

          1. re: Quine

            I had Mole Poblano about 10-15 years ago in a little restaurant in Maine that I absolutely adored. The flavors were so complex and delicious and we went back every year for many years. The restaurant was kind of gourmet authentic Mexican. The owner went to Mexico every winter to improve his dishes. I have since tried Mole Poblano many places but never could I find a Mole that was close. FINALLY at Senor Frog I have found a Mole that is quite delicious! From start to finish we enjoyed our meal and as I said, we'll definitely be back in the next week!

            SO loves Chile Relleno but they were out of them last night. Waitress said that they had a rush at lunch and were out of a lot of food. After yesterday SO can't wait to try them. Have you had them?

            And I do love scallops and looked for them last night but there were no specials. Will keep an eye out for them.

            1. re: cook262

              Is this closed? Tried the number several times today and it is disconnected! Quine, can you check

              1. re: mschow

                I stopped by today, all is good except for the phone, crossed wires or something.

                1. re: Quine

                  Thanks, Quine. We really wanted to go there on Sat night, but didn't want to leave the island just to find out the place was closed. BTW: I had the chili relleno there and it was very good!

              2. re: cook262

                cook262, always ask re scallops, keeping the special board updated is not a sure thing. I always just the chef what he has that is good. And I love whatever he makes.
                I have not tried the Chile Relleno yet.

                1. re: Quine

                  Normally when I find a true 'find' in a restaurant I keep my mouth shut and just patronize them often. However, we aren't Manahawkin natives and don't get here often AND we want Senor Frog to be here on our next visit so I will share my experiences again. SO and I were there last night for dinner (our second visit) and it was just amazing. ALL the food was so incredibly fresh...the salsa we were served had huge chunks of fresh avocado...completely different than the salsa from our last visit but just as good. I had Chicken Mole again...While i adore scallops and scallops were offered, I didn't dare miss the Mole, and it was every bit divine as last visit....SO had Chorizo Huaraches and LOVED them...the restaurant does a strong take out business in addition to the seated restaurant...