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Apr 2, 2011 02:02 PM

Best Jamie Oliver Cookbook?


I see that many of you have been cooking from some of the Jamie Oliver cookbooks. My local Barnes and Noble has about 10. I would love to hear some feedback on which one I should buy based on his best and most popular recipes.


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  1. It really depends on what kind of food you like to cook, how much time you have, and how difficult you are comfortable with the technique being. If you like to garden, I highly recommend Jamie at Home.

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      Agree with sarah on both counts: his books are pretty varied in tone, focus, and difficulty level, though he really never gets into anything really complex. Jamie at Home is also my favorite of his; I like the produce focus because that's how I tend to cook and I think it's the most beautiful of his books, while the recipes are really down-to-earth.

    2. I have a few of Jamie's books, but the one I recommend the most is Food Revolution. The recipes are just outstanding and homey - exactly the kind of food that you want to cook at home. Many of them are on the rotation at home because they're tasty and because the reheat well - and people literally line up for my leftovers. Try the pot roast meatloaf, you can find the recipe on his site... to die for - and it feeds a crowd very inexpensively. (ok, it requires virtually every condiment in the grocery store, but you WILL make it again)

      The one I recommend the least is Jamie's Italy. I love to read it and look at gorgeous photos but I've never actually cooked anything from it... and i LOVE italian food. The recipes are less accessible for everyday cooking...