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Apr 2, 2011 12:58 PM

Crock Pot Chicken Dish Needed

I need a long cooking (will be gone 8-10 hours) chicken crock pot recipe for Tue. Anything goes, something amazing and delish to satisfy a man's appetite. Thanks all...

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  1. phelana, this is an oft-discussed topic so I'll try to link more posts to this...but janniecooks' Thai Flavored Thighs are very very good...I think you'll want to stick with some kind of recipe for the thighs considering how long you'll be away...the breasts might really dry out but this is one to start you off:

    Here's another thread:

    And of course, an entire blog devoted to ONLY crockpot recipes, crockpot 365:

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      thanks Val..I saw the 365 post..I made the eggplant lasagne and it was nice, truly. A lot of her recipes are made with canned soups and processed products which I tend to avoid.

      1. re: phelana

        really??? I didn't see too many processed foods in her ingredients...are you sure? She has some food allergies so I know she's pretty careful about certain products...believe me, I stay away from people who use tons of processed ingredients in recipes...hmmmm...
        Plus, I just went back and did a "random sample" of a few recipes...I didn't see too many processed ingredients, but maybe canned anchovies and vegetable broth...can you show me one of hers that you feel is too processed, just asking? Your idea of "too processed" and mine might be different.

    2. It depends on what kind of Slow Cooker you have. If you have a Ham Beach programmable with a temp probe, you're in fine shape. But if you don't, chicken can turn to sawdust. Try this recipe for Country Captain Chicken, from Cook's Country: or Chicken Cacciatore Also, consider getting Slow Cooker Revolution. Several good recipes there.

      1. I made coq au vin in my crockpot, and it was so fabulous! I basically used Julia Child's recipe, doing the prelims on the stove top, then into the crockpot (which you can do the next day after a night in the fridge.) Used thighs. I have cooked thighs different ways in the crock pot, but this was the just smashing!

        1. Not really amazing, but easy and substantial. Take a whole chicken, season and sprinkle with your choice of dried herbs inside and out, stuff a whole lemon in the cavity and cook it on low. When cooked, take the chicken out (it will fall apart glisteningly). Tip the juices (there will be a lot) from the crockpot into a saucepan and boil the hell out of it on high to reduce down to a yummy gravy. If you want some crispness, chuck the chicken onto an oven tray and put it under the grill in the oven. Serve with a salad and lots of fresh bread or bread rolls.

          1. I have to share my mistake! I bought a cut-up chicken and cooked it over brown rice. After the chicken became very soft, the small chicken bones escaped and were a mess. :o