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Favourite meat and cut

Whats your favorite meat and why?

For me it used to be beef and probably would have said rib eye steak. But now I have been converted to pork well to be precise Belly of Pork which when cooked right is great. Either slowly braised or oven cooked with a crispy top. Best of all its cheap as well :) Fat means flavor and i agree now more than i ever did before!

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    1. Pork. Bacon. (okay, not a cut).

      1. I wholeheartedly agree with both of your choices.
        Rib eye should be cooked to medium rare with just a bit of salt and pepper.
        Pork belly either as bacon or as Chinese cha siu bao.

        1. Whats your favorite meat and why?


          For what?

          For braising, it might be a pork shoulder or belly

          For searing, it might be a beef sirloin or ribeye or brisket or flap meat

          For steaming, it might be pork belly

          For roasting, a whole chicken

          For deep frying, skin and bone on chicken thighs

          For hamburgers, it's going to be brisket, sirloin and oxtail


          1. Pork belly is not going to be cheap for long, people are starting to discover it, and I'm worried that it'll become 'trendy' like what happened to flank and skirt steak who's price skyrocketed.

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              You are right its the same with lamb shanks they used to be cheap then they became popular so they put the price up.

            2. Sweetbreads, kidneys, liver, face, tongue, tripe . . .

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                Kidney and liver are good and they are under rated. Good as long as they are not over cooked and prepared right. I remember as a kid having chewy kidney because bits were not removed from it. Now they taste so good :)

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                    You never had a taco of face meat? It's called head but to not confuse it with brain I call it face. It's any meat from the head other than brain or tongue.

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                      Have yet to face that scenario.

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                        I tell my kids that those are "hog face tacos". The menu lists them as cabeza, but hog face is much more fun.

                1. Offal. Any animal, Any time.

                  1. Pork/fresh ham retains the good pork flavor and you get the crispy skin.

                    1. It's hard to decide between lamb and duck. How about duck thighs in the Fall, lamb shanks in the winter and lamb loin chops for the rest of the year?

                      1. Pork shoulder. Rubbed with an herb-and-garlic crust and oven-roasted, fried in its own fat for carnitas, smoked over cherry wood for pulled pork, marinated and spit-charred for al pastor, ground into sausages of all kinds. The tastiest part of the tastiest animal is also somehow the cheapest... sometimes life just throws you a nice slow pitch right down the middle.

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                        1. I prefer the porterhouse cut for both beef and pork. Both have to be thick, 1 1/2 inches at least, and cooked to perfection...beef I like medium-rare and pork I like medium.

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                            Yes, I love a good thick pork loin chop; I like to pre-season well in advance, then apply a good coat of harissa paste mixed with olive oil and bake it on a rack in a gratin pan to 145º. Better, though, is the shoulder steaks they have at Marconda Meats in the LA Farmer's Market: big round slabs of pork shoulder about that thick, and when roasted or braised the flavor is incredible.

                            I go back and forth between pork and lamb, too, shoulder of both by preference. I'll just say that my favorite is invariably the one that's in front of me …

                          2. I can't pick an overall favourite however a favourite right now is the bone and bit of meat from a beef rib roast. I am sure it has a particular name. Slowly roasted it is very tasty and right now inexpensive when you can find them.

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                              Ditto. I love long beef ribs ("dino bones") and nothing makes me happier than gnawing around the bone.

                            2. Beef ribeye.

                              I love pork. But a perfectly cooked beef ribeye, (rare!), is...well...perfect.