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Apr 2, 2011 11:28 AM

Newport this spring

My husband and I are visiting Newport May 9 - 15. I'd like some tips of restaurants on or near the water. We are going to have dinner at 22 Bowen's wine bar and grill and also the Boat House in Tiverton from that same group of restaurants which all look very good. Also Clarke Cook House restaurant on the porch and then I need advice. We are staying at the Newport Harbor Hotel and Marina and have the breakfast included. Any of these recommended?

Black Pearl
The Landing

We were in Newport aboaut 5 years ago and had dinner at the Mooring and another little restaurant on the water past the Mooring walking from the Marriott that I think it was behind some shops to the left on the water. We had dinner on a glassed in porch. Inside was a bar and some tables. Anyone have a clue to what that reataurant name was? All advice appreciated!

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  1. I think the restaurant that you are thinking of was called Sabina O'Doyles and is now called H2O. Never eaten there although they do have a good location. But as a local I have never heard my friends talk about going there, so that's all I can say about it. One option is @ The Deck which is down Thames a bit and on the water. The waterfront is mostly bar with the dining behind, good food though. For waterfront there is also the Pier which is great for a drink and app outside...can't speak to dinner's changed hands a lot.
    Black Pearl is good, the Landing is very casual, fried seafood.
    One idea is to head over to goat island...there is a new spot there that is very good yummy food and outdoor seating. You can walk there or take a launch so that could be fun.

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      Thanks so much for this information. I went on line to see H2O and that could be it, but it has changed. The one I remember was more country cottage looking. Goat Island sounds fun for Friday night. Thanks again!