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Apr 2, 2011 10:33 AM

Penang Grill, Greenwich, Ct

I had a very satisfying bowl of soup yesterday at Penang Grill in Greenwich, 55 Lewis St. The day was damp and raw so the soup was perfect. I got the Tom Yam Chicken, listed on the menu under "Big Bowl Noodle Soup". It contained lots of fresh, crisp vegetables pieces of mushrooms, angel hair noodles and slices of grilled chicken arranged on top. The broth was flavorful, with a hint of lemon grass in the background. On the menu it was designated as spicy; it wasn't. But I bet they'd make it spicier if asked. It really was a Big Bowl of noodle soup and I brought a large portion home. The one ingredient I missed was tofu, so I bought some today for my leftovers. Nice atmosphere, sweet service, and very reasonable option in Greenwich, or anywhere else.

Penang Grill
55 Lewis St, Greenwich, CT 06830

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  1. I've been a big fan of Penang for years.

    I get a bowl of their vegetarian hot & sour soup every time I go; mostly because it tastes great, but a bonus for me is that after you order the soup, your server (unless under a lot of duress) goes directly back to the kitchen and brings it out for you. I usually get my soup in about 40 seconds.

    Their Crispy Wontons and Spring Rolls are awesome; very fresh veggie fillings (you'll get your tofu in there actually) and a killer spicy-sweet dipping sauce.

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      Thanks, Cardiak, for the great tips. I'm sure I'll go back the next time I'm out that way.

    2. Love Penang, been going there for years. Love the environment, and the food and service are always top-notch.

      I love the Pick-your-Sauce, then pick your protein options, and they are served in little woks. Love the Sambal sauce.(fermented shrimp paste) And the Vietnamese salad rocks. Also the dumplings have a very thin dough, it's terrific, you can really taste the filling.

      Even the pickled salad as an amuse is a great touch. Great place!

      1. We love Penang and go there at least once per week. My favorite is the big bowl seafood udon soup which just is very "clean" food. When everyone complains about fat and calories in restaurant food, this is something I feel I can eat without any consequences. If I'm having a bad week, I ask them to leave the noodles out and just have shellfish, vegetables and a clear broth. It's great. Service is great. There are many choices when you're in a mood to indulge as well. It's byob as well, so the bill is never high.

        1. The "Big Bowl Soup" is my favorite on a cold or damp day. They are very nice and will change the ingredients to your liking. If you want tofu, just ask and they will add it and charge you a $1 or $2. If you want to change the angel hair noodles to thick noodles they will do that too. And, good news, even though the bowl is listed on the lunch page they will make it at night too!