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Apr 2, 2011 09:11 AM

Help! Need advice on Kosher for Passover eateries in Florida

My husband and I are thinking of Fort Myers or Fort Lauderdale for Spring Break, but want to be able to eat. Any advice for restaurants, hotels, etc. in these or other parts of florida that won't break the bank would be greatly appreciated.

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    1. re: Cook81

      Note that Great Kosher Restaurants is essentially a giant ad - restaurants pay to list themselves there, and write the 'articles' about themselves. I also don't think it discusses Passover specifically.

    2. Head south to Bal Harbour/Miami Beach, and go to SERENDIPITY YOGURT CAFE for Kosher for Passover ice cream, frozen yogurt, milkshakes, etc.!! Or, go before Passover and try the regular stuff!

      1. First of all, there is a Kosher "world of difference" between Fort Myers and Fort Lauderdale. While the city of Fort Lauderdale is not heavy on kosher joints, Broward county itself has many. Aroma, kosher central & Joseph are 3 kosher supermarkets in Broward county. They have also catering and prepared foods and will open thru chol hamoed. Restaurants, you will have to relay on more help, we don't go out much on pesach. The open restaurants are not as good as they are off pesach season, so why bother (we like cooking). Then, a short drive south is Miami with it's own share of markets and restaurants. I doubt Fort Myers has dedicated kosher supermarket the again, I could be treating fort myers with the same disdain new Yorkers treat south Florida :) in respect to kosher choices. Sorry new Yorkers nothing personal :)

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          most south floridians are former new yorkers - how could there be disdain?

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            LOL... in my case I move north instead of south. You see, I grew up in Colombia, South America. And yes, there is a thriving, albeit small community and mostly Ashquenaz. In following with the scope of the board, there is a growing number of Kosher products with its own heschgers and Carulla, the largest national supermarket chain, has a store in Bogota that has a whole kosher section that includes prepared foods. Restaurants, on the other hand, shine in their absence.