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Apr 2, 2011 08:11 AM

need suggestion for lots of sour cream

I recently bought a 3 lb tub of breakstone sour cream at Costco, thinking it was cottage cheese (this is not the first time) - need a recipe suggestion or two for using it up before it spoils - maybe a good dessert??.

thanks, and I have already dived into my hungarian cookbooks.

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  1. You can make some sour cream cheese - same way as yogurt cheese.

    1. Sour cream is very useful in:
      pancakes and waffles
      salad dressings
      mixed with other ingredients (herbs, spices) as a sandwich spread
      on baked potatoes
      in omelets and crepes
      we use a couple of pounds of it per month in our house

      1. How about cheesecake and ice cream? It's also nice to have a dollop on soup.

        1. Sour cream keeps a fairly long time after its sell-by date.

          1. DIP! !
            The good old 1960s onion soup dip still rocks. Or the bread-bowl dip with vegetable soup mix and frozen spinach. My personal favorite dip is made with sour cream, Maggi and Spike.

            Great in mashed potatoes too. Or on potato latkes. Or on pieroghi, with a splash of hot sauce. Now that I think of it, sour cream is great on just about anything that has potatoes in it.

            I have a very good sour cream chocolate cake recipe, but it only calls for ½ cup of the stuff.

            Of course nachos or any Mexican food. And I second the rec for a dollop swirled in many soups- squash, tomato, chicken, bean of course...

            You could make Stroganoff. Or the Hungarian noodle dish with cottage cheese, sour cream, mushrooms, black pepper and a dash of nutmeg.