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Apr 2, 2011 07:18 AM

Taco crawl recs

My buddies and I would like to do a "taco crawl" and I am thinking Oak Cliff / Jefferson area. But we are open to any suggestions where there is a somewhat close concentration. Could be stand up places, could be sit down, but we would like to visit both. And it doesn't have to be just tacos -- these guys love home cooked Mexican food, period. Beer and and occasional shot of tequila are also a must. Anyone have any recommendations ?

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  1. Here's a link of a write up of one D Magazine did a few months back.

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    1. re: head

      Correction, I ran the tour and D Magazine and others covered the story. Just sayin. I run a different (free) tour each month. Check for deets.

    2. Pedro's and Paisanita are right cross the street from each other on Davis in Oak Cliff. Could start there, and then hit everything in between there and El Si Hay on Davis (including another, lesser (in my opinion) Pedro's.

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      1. re: Jon G

        A big second to El Si Hay. No booze but, great tacos.