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Apr 2, 2011 06:15 AM

London - Bibendum at Michelin House

I make a gastronomic pilgrimage each summer to London for the past 3 decades, trying out an average of 30 restaurants on each trip. So I was pretty surprised to realise that I'm finally back in Bibendum at the Michelin House again only after 17 years!

The restaurant was still as beautiful as I remembered it despite the intervening years. Everything was still spick & span, and the service was still slick & smooth. What a wonderful feeling to know that some things never change.

My lunch:

- Middle white brawn with egg "au vert". Rich fatty brawn, nicely complemented by the tangy, surprisingly creamy sauce. Egg was over-boiled till dry though - minus point here;

- Main course of roast beef with Yorkshire pudding was spectacular! One of the best I'd tried in town! Accompanying side of baked cauliflower cheese was sheer comfort food for me. Roasted potatoes were cold, shockingly undercooked & hard though (grrr!), and haricots vert were blandly anonymous;

- The dessert: rice pudding with prunes & Armagnac were the stuff of dreams. Absolutely scrumptious ending to a meal full of hits-and-misses.

I'll go back to Bibendum again (hopefully not wait another 17 years for that) - it's a lovely, lovely restaurant, and loved the light airy feel of the sunlit dining room with soaring ceilings.

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  1. It must be 17 years since I was there as well. Sad to see the food had inconsistencies it is wonderful space and deserves top class delivery.

    1. I was there last summer and had a delicious meal mid-week for lunch. The room was virtually empty, but the meal was delicious. I keep meaning to return, but have yet to do so.

      1. Bibendum has the best. Bloody. Mary. Evah.
        Seriously, it is good enough to warrant the dramatic punctuation.

        1. Placemark:

          81 Fulham Rd, Kensington, England SW7 2, GB