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When will the Alfonso and Kesar Mango Season Start and End?

Last year, I think it was sometime in May, I picked up a case of delicious Kesars at Marche Victoria Oriental, 6324 Victoria, just north of Van Horne, 514 737-4715. At that point they were out of Alfonsos, but the consolation was that the Kesars were ripe and ready for immediate eating.

According to the NYTimes,


"Patel Brothers in Jackson Heights, 37-27 74th Street , Queens, (718) 898-3445, expects to have them [Alfonsos] for about six weeks beginning April 10."

Do they get to Montreal about the same time? And do they last as long?

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  1. I suggest you call up Marche Victoria to find out directly. They're the main establishment in Montreal bringing in the Indian mangoes.

    1. It seems Alphonso mango season may be late this year. Here's a link to a site about when the USA is expecting them.


        1. Any sightings before I start my rounds of the indian markets?

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            It has arrived at Marche Victoria Oriental already apparently(that's what they told me last week). Both Alfonso & Kesar. I don't when they first getting it this season. Usually comes Thursdays early?

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              I called a couple weeks ago they Definetly have them. Thursdays at 10 am is when you need to go

            2. Alfonsos were spotted in NY about a week ago. I assume we get them from the same purveyors.

              1. I trekked to the WI, Singh Farm to be specific, and got my mangoes. I think they have figured out there is a huge demand and they charge whatever they like: 22$ for 9 Alphonso and $18 for 9 Kessar! WOW! and to think when I first started getting them 3-4 years ago, they were 14$ a dozen. I will still be getting them no matter the price but it was dissappointing that the box now only has 9 instead of 12. Oh well...For those of you that got them at March Victoria, what was the price and for how many?

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                  Are they smaller boxes, or is it just that the mangoes are bigger? When I buy ataulfo mangoes by the box, the number of mangoes only depends on the gauge i.e. how many fit in the box. The boxes are usually all the same price, because they are all the same weight.

                  This goes for most fruit. A box of pineapples will be the same price whether it contains 5 or 8 pineapples because they're all the same weight. Same thing for oranges, lemons and so on.

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                    Were they a good size? As the season goes on, the Alphonso mangoes are bigger.

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                      The Alphonso were small to average. The Kesar were on the average to big side.
                      I think the boxes were about the same size but there was a lot more "paper stuffing" than I remember from previous years.

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                        Thanks. Marche Victoria also has a second location in WI(if I remember correctly)? Marche Victoria usually won't give the prices of their imported Indian mangoes over the phone.

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                          Yes, it does have a WI location. From previous years, I remember that the 2 stores had different pricing on the same weeks, with the WI location being a couple dollars more expensive. I was just wondering how much others paid and did they get a dozen or less.

                  2. Any updates? I have never tried and Alphonso or a Kesar, but mangoes are my co-favourite fruit and I'd love to try some yummier/more exotic varieties? Any tips on where these are available as of this week? Alphonso, Kesar, or anything you recommend?

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                      All the establishments mentioned in this post should still have it. Marche Victoria Oriental on Victoria, usually gets it in early Thursday morning.

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                        Marche Victoria Orientale has them today (or at least they still did when I was there 30 minutes ago). 12 Alfonsos per case, $18.

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                            Same price as last year. Good they're not raising prices, despite the big demand.

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                              Good to know. I'll get my box next week from there.