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Apr 2, 2011 05:24 AM

When will the Alfonso and Kesar Mango Season Start and End?

Last year, I think it was sometime in May, I picked up a case of delicious Kesars at Marche Victoria Oriental, 6324 Victoria, just north of Van Horne, 514 737-4715. At that point they were out of Alfonsos, but the consolation was that the Kesars were ripe and ready for immediate eating.

According to the NYTimes,

"Patel Brothers in Jackson Heights, 37-27 74th Street , Queens, (718) 898-3445, expects to have them [Alfonsos] for about six weeks beginning April 10."

Do they get to Montreal about the same time? And do they last as long?

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  1. I suggest you call up Marche Victoria to find out directly. They're the main establishment in Montreal bringing in the Indian mangoes.

    1. It seems Alphonso mango season may be late this year. Here's a link to a site about when the USA is expecting them.

        1. Any sightings before I start my rounds of the indian markets?

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            It has arrived at Marche Victoria Oriental already apparently(that's what they told me last week). Both Alfonso & Kesar. I don't when they first getting it this season. Usually comes Thursdays early?

            1. re: BLM

              I called a couple weeks ago they Definetly have them. Thursdays at 10 am is when you need to go

            2. Alfonsos were spotted in NY about a week ago. I assume we get them from the same purveyors.