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Apr 2, 2011 03:24 AM

Nashville vacation - what to eat

Visiting from Detroit - what not to miss? We will be doing all the touristy stuff, and we are staying south of town in Brentwood but will be driving all over. Also any recs of what I should see while I am here are welcome, too!

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  1. Franklin, TN is just S of Brentwood. It's a historic city where The Battle of Franklin took place. There are some historic sites. Go to Puckett's for good BBQ, country food and music. Carnton Plantation and Carter House are interesting. Go to Cool Springs Mall just N of Franklin off I 65 for fun shopping.

    Puckett's Grocery & Restaurant @ 120 4th Avenue S., Franklin, TN. 615 - 794 - 5527.

    Carnton Plantation @ 1345 Carnton Lane, Franklin, TN 615 - 794 - 0903,
    Carter House @ 1140 Columbia Avenue, Franklin, TN 615 - 791 - 1861.

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    1. re: Littleman

      Hate Cool Springs. The mall and the surrounding area are just like every noveau-suburban-retail-megalopolis in the country. If you want INTERESTING shopping recs, holla.

      It's hard for me to make restaurant recommendations with no criteria whatsoever. What type of food? Price range? Alcohol or not? Atmosphere? I could just list my favorite places and places that visitors typically want to go to, but that seems a waste of time for both of us ... more info, please.

      1. re: TLF

        Alcohol yes for dinner (not necessary for breakfast or lunch). Local flavors food preferred....I don't plan on having fantastic ethnic food in Nashville. There's plenty of other places to go for that.. Not interested in City House - I don't like to go out to eat for Italian because it's easy to make at home. Does that help? Probably do the Franklin/Civil War thing one day, Country Music/Ryman Hall thing on another day.

        City House
        1222 4th Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37208

        1. re: momskitchen

          I agree with Puckett's in Franklin. It's a great dinner experience, especially if you stay for the music. They have top-notch singer/songwriters there most (all?) nights. You may not recognize their names, but you'll love their songs.
          If you're in Franklin in the morning, Dotson's is a great breakfast option. No frills home cooking and great service.

          1. re: momskitchen

            You cure your own meats, have a brick oven for pizzas, and make your own pasta?

            1. re: dailybread8383

              Well, since you asked, the answers are yes, no (although I wish I did), and yes. Anyway, I don't plan on coming to Nashville for Italian food - I want to eat the best southern style food. I can get great Italian food in Michigan. What are your recommendations for great Southern style food I can only get in Nashville?

              1. re: momskitchen

                Well said. One of my favorite Nashville eats is the hot chicken at Prince's. Awesome fried chicken with a choose the heat level. Monell's in Nashville or Franklin has great southern food served family style. Also not to be missed if you're not from the South (like me).

                  1. re: dailybread8383

                    Looks good everyone... Thanks for the tips!

        2. I would highly recommend Arnold's, quite possibly the best meat & 3 in Nashville. They're only open from 1030-245 during the week, it's certainly not to be missed.